PreGame PostUp: Nashville @ Anaheim

Posted: 11/07/2010 by bc in Uncategorized
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Look no further than the injury report to know why Nashville has lost 4 straight after opening the season 5-0-3. Predators are missing #1 center Matthew Lombardi, slick winger Martin Erat and #2 D-man Ryan Suter.

That’s a whole lot of speed, playmaking, puck moving and sniping ability on the IR. Lombardi is Predators best two-way forward. Too bad, so sad Preds.

If ever there was a time for one of the Preds great goaltenders, Pekka Rinne or  Anders Lindback to steal one, this would be a good time. Goal coach Mitch Korn has earned quite an impressive reputation having also coached, Tomas Vokoun, Chris Mason and Dan Ellis.

This is a great opportunity for our Ducks to extend the winning streak and move up in the standings. “Extend the winning streak.” In November? Now there’s some words we Ducks fans aren’t used to hearing this early in the season.

What could go wrong? Banged up team coming in on the tough side of back2back road games. The game even has an early 5:00p.m. start.

Three things actually. Nashville netminding as mentioned. Barry Trotz unglamorous, meat and potatoes hockey. Trotz teams leave you shaking your head. They are so focused on the details. The little things that make the difference winning and losing.

It doesn’t get simpler than a Barry Trotz game plan. Following last night’s 4-1 loss against the Kings, Trotz said, “We didn’t give Pekka Rinne a lot of support, and offensively, they didn’t give us much.”

About the Kings Trotz added, “Everything we know they can do, they did. And we didn’t prevent them from doing a whole lot.”

You don’t need to be any college of hockey knowledge to understand Barry Trotz. That’s why his teams are always dangerous.

Which leads straight into the third reason our Ducks might lose. Our seemingly endless ability to play down to the opposition and make struggling teams look good.

Let’s not forgot that only nines days ago our Ducks were the Devils get well game. Our guys followed that brain freeze of a game with a no-show against the Sharks.

Guess who is our Ducks next opponent. Will recent history repeat? Have our Ducks learned anything from consecutive losses followed by consecutive wins? This is exactly why we watch.

“Wins aren’t coming very easy for us, so it’s becoming frustrating,” Trotz grumbled last night. Hey Coach, you’re facing team that never makes it easy on themselves either.


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