PostGame Post Up: Ducks 3 Sharks 2 (OT)

Posted: 11/10/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

Former Leaf great, Johnny bower once said, “You’ve got be lucky to be good and good to be luck. ” Our Ducks were just good enough to get lucky tonight.

Obviously, Jonas Hiller stole one. This team had nothing left in the third period and somehow Jonas Hiller kept us in it Saku Koivu won a face off, sent a fresh biscuit back to Visnovsky on the point. Lubo looked and wound up. Perry went to the net and made life difficult for Nittymaki. Koivu arrived in support looking for loose change. And the nano-second Lubo had lined up his Ducks he let go and found nothing but twine.

Why this team ran out of gas in the third is definitely a question for the coaches and trainers. Sharks picked it up a notch and we just didn’t have an answer. We won’t get away with that very often. Conditioning has to be addressed.

As bad it looked in the third our Ducks bent but didn’t break. We picked up our checks in the neutral zone. We cleared most of the rebounds. Even though our guys were suckin’ air out there, they played a strong team D. We cleared most of the rebounds. Those that weren’t cleared, Hiller the Killer had the answer on all but one.

There’s no denying a couple of truly cementhead plays. Three guys standing there, just staring at Ryan Clowe. Nobody pressuring him. Just standing and watching as he flips the biscuit across to a wide open Torry Mitchell on the weak side and bang, 1-0 Sharks.

Unlike a year ago though, our Ducks sucked it up and got it back when Jason Blake tipped in Toni Lydman shot. Corey Perry earned our Ducks the lead on a stretch backhand off a Bobby Ryan rebound that was started on feed from Ryan Getzlaf.

Devon Setogouchi tied it up and Hiller took over until Lubo’s seeing eye shot ended the game and sent the Sharks and their fans home cryyyyying.

Our Ducks are now starting to get stand out play from different guys in the lineup. Jason Blake, 6 pts in 9 games. If he continues to chip in at this rate Blake will exceed our expectations.

Jason told Brian Hayward that he likes how’s he’s being used in Anaheim compared to how he had to play in Hogtown. Hazy admitted that the Masterton Line is actually a puck possession, not a grind or puck management line.

What can you say about Saku Koivu. Tonight he even gave away an inch, twenty pounds and ten years to Joe Pavelski and Sak still beat him. Every game Saku goes up against a bigger, younger, stronger player and battles slot to slot. Most nights Sak wins. Incredible. Just flippin’ incredible.

On the back line the guy who caught my was Andreas Lilja. Was he trying to send San Jose GM Doug Wilson a message? Lilja attended the Sharks camp on a PTO but wasn’t offered a contract. Andreas was more physical tonight. At a couple of points he actually put me in mind of Sean O’Donnell.

This game is huge in terms of what it should do for the team. Any road win against a division rival is special. Against the Sharks it’s just a bit sweeter. Our Ducks should have learned tonight that the Sharks are just a one line team. There’s nothing magical about the Sharks and we can compete with them.

This win takes the building process to another level. Our Ducks beat a Stanley Cup contender in their own barn.

  1. czhokej says:

    Blake is an expensive players, he has to produce.
    On the first goal – both defensemen behind our net!?
    Brian Hayward said that it’s nice when our first line cycled the puck. If they do not bring it into a shooting position, it’s just a waste of time! If the defense stay put, i’s no big deal. Any team would be happy to let them cycle.

    • BackCheck says:

      3 great points cz.

      Blake’s 3 goals and 6 pts in 9 games projects to 27 goals and 55 pts on the season. He may not get there but he is producing now.

      On Mitchell’s goal, Selanne, Mara & Fowler had Clowe trapped in a triangle. Then it was if our guys had a little coffee clatch while Clowe tossed it at the net and found Mitchell there.

      Yeah, top line had to grind it out because they weren’t skating well enough to generate anything off the rush.

  2. buick22 says:

    They were exhausted in the third, totally exhausted, makes you wonder WTF?

    Koivu, Blake and Hiller stole the show, Koivu, Blake and Selanne always the hardest working line out there…Getz looked hurt, he should not play if he is, it takes forever to heal that way, plus it looks like the same ankle as last season…

    Hey RC, if you won’t play the third line after two periods, please replace some of the players so you will, we can’t win any games if three forwards never play. I kept thinking, where is the next line? The first and third were gassed, but he just kept sending them out…..if they are not good enough to play for you, then trade them, I mean if the team is sticking with RC and BM, then they need to hold their feet to the fire on this crap!

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