PostGame PostUp: Anaheim 1 NY Islanders 0

Posted: 11/10/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

Wow! I swear I don’t know how our guys can sit on the bench given all those strategically placed horseshoes. If you happen to spot a shoeless pony in Orange County, not a word while this streak is alive.

In the PreGame PostUp I wrote:

The Islanders are a young, energetic hockey team….That’s the problem with young teams…..If our Ducks give the young Islanders chances all night long, those kids will think they’re good and start scoring.

For our Ducks, this game is all about establishing the good habit of going to the office and taking care of business.

In the PostGame interview Randy Carlyle said, “We knew it was going to be tough. We were playing a young, energized Islander team. Having played last night in San Jose, we knew it would be a tough struggle. These are the type of games that you almost have to win. In our situation, we couldn’t accept anything other than a win. That was our focus.”

This was another game in this streak that was more about intangibles than it was stellar performances and execution. Tonight’s intangible was sacrifice. It was Corey Perry diving head first to block a shot and Saku Koivu getting in Zenon Konopka’s kitchen and making him nuts. It was George Parros recording 4 hits, a takeaway and a blocked shot in 8:51 TOI and Andreas Lilja leaning on people and locking up sticks in the low slot.

The offensive zone holding the stick penalty to Bobby Ryan and the holding on Ryan Carter proved our Ducks can be as stupid as ever. The PK and Curtis McElhinney stood tall.

Our Ducks got into trouble on numerous occasions when the symptom, bad passes, led to turnovers. As fans we see these situations over and over but we don’t necessarily read them right either.

The human factors involved with bad passing include mental fatigue, trying too hard, frustration, trying to force a play, miss-communication and bad reads. Our Ducks tried on a number of occasions to pick it up a notch and end it but the execution just wasn’t there. Our guys were trying to force it.

On another night when our Ducks didn’t have it all going for them they found a way and gutted out another win. As Bill Macdonald said in the post game, “That is the mark of the a good team.”

I see, hear and read media referring to our Ducks as a team discovering its identity. IMO, such observations are a tad premature. Putting a shoeless horse before the cart if you will.

It’s a long season and we haven’t even hit quarter pole yet.

Here’s the post game interviews from ADHN


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