PostGame Post Up: Stars 2 Ducks 1

Posted: 11/16/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

The entire hockey world did a collective head shake when Dallas GM Joe Nieuwendyk let Marty Turco walk in favor of Kari Lehtonen. They’re still shaking heads but for different reasons.

Kari Lehtonen is back. This is a goalie who can hold his own with the NHL’s best. As he did tonight.

Stars did their best to hand it to our Ducks, giving our guys 6 PP in the first two periods. Corey Perry, who’s hotter than the girl who smiles back at  closing time, scored the Angry Birds only goal. One for six on the PP isn’t going to cut it. Including last night’s 0 for 2  the Ducks PP efficiency is a paltry 12.5% over the past two games.

Those games were 1 goal losses. Given the PP roster and the money invested, it’s inexcusable. ES our guys have scored 2 goals in games.

It’s no accident.

Chicago last night and Dallas tonight keyed on Visnovsky and Lydman. They’re playing those guys very tight. Pressuring them on the puck and cutting off their passing lanes. In other words, the opposition, different teams in consecutive games, took away the transition game from our top D pairing.

After 5 straight periods of pucks that didn’t arrive, Teemu Selanne got frustrated and took a couple of chincy penalties in the 3rd period tonight.

It’s a minor thing really. We’re talking about a diagram or two on the coaches board between periods or during a media timeout. The East/West gap between Visonovsky and Lydman is too wide and there’s no forward coming back to serve as the short pass outlet guy. Hockey is a team game. You don’t get support, you get trapped, bottled up and turnovers result.

Our Ducks did adapt in the second by chipping the puck up the boards and working it to the opposition net. It was good to see our guys  go to a Plan B. The problem is your often worn out by the time you get a scoring opportunity.

Our Ducks did run into a hot goaltender tonight. had we tested him with more opportunities off the rush, things might have been different. To do that Lubo & Toni need more North/South support and a shorter East/West gap than they’re getting.

Our Ducks have taken one point of a possible four thus far on this road trip. Look no further than a Coach who can’t adapt on the fly. Elmer will see it as his guys getting beat. It can’t be him being outsmarted. He’s flippin’ Elmer Fudd.

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