First Quarter Report: The Suits

Posted: 11/23/2010 by bc in Uncategorized
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Note: This blog is organized into 3 sections, management, coaching and players. Publishing the management and coaching section now. Player section to follow.


Why is it the players don’t have an excuse but Bob Murray offers nothing but excuses? Barstool Bob has whined about tagging issues he claims he inherited but in fact helped create. To listen to Barstool Bob and a compliant, apologetic hockey press the story is the challenge of replacing Pronger and Niedermayer in successive years.

Bunk. We chose to trade Pronger. Management knew for three seasons Scot Niedermayer was on the verge of retirement. It did nothing to prepare, except to trade Chris Pronger.

For the second time in two seasons, GM Bob Murray has rebuilt the blueline. That’s an admission he didn’t get it right the first time.

Under Bob Murray our Ducks have been anything but stable. That’s not too surprising coming from a GM who throws bar stools in crowded rooms. A GM who storms out of contract negotiations with a core player and talks to the press after giving his word he won’t talk to the press.

Bob Murray is a very emotional guy. Is he too emotional for a responsible  management position? It strikes me as unusual that a guy that emotional could succeed in management. Maybe that’s because as I write this, the similarly emotional managers and senior executives I’ve known didn’t succeed.

Most believe our Ducks have drafted well but Murray said Festerling and Mikkelson were can’t miss Top 4 quality D-men. It will be 3-5 years before we know how well Murray has drafted. Other than Bobby Ryan and Cam Fowler, our Ducks don’t have a roster player drafted during the Burke-Murray era.

The sad truth about Bob Murray’s tenure is that our Ducks are upgraded at second line center. Saku Koivu is better than Brendan Morrison. At every other position, our Ducks are either the same or downgraded.

Grade: D


Randy Carlyle freely admits that, “We do things differently here.” Usually when you win the Cup adjectives like genius, innovator, creative are used to describe the coach, “who does things differently.” Such accolades have escaped Randy Carlyle. There’s a reason.

Carlye’s innovations have been met with “Huh?” from Americans, polite “I’m still trying to figure it out” from the Europeans and “Take off, eh” from the Canadians.

The good news for many fans is that there hasn’t been any talk of extending Randy Carlyle’s contract which is up at the end of this season. Not even a six game winning streak could entice Murray to try to sell that one to Ducks fans or Ducks senior management.

Ryan Whitney had an interesting comment upon hearing Troy Bodie had been claimed off waivers by Carolina. Ducks fans will remember Whitney and Bodie fought during Whitney’s first visit back to the Honda Center following his trade to Edmonton. Of Bodie, Whitney said, “They loved him but they sour on guys.”

Consider those words, love and sour. Do those sound like words commonly used in a professional workplace to describe management/labor relationships?

In Bob Murray and in Randy Carlyle our Ducks are missing that “even keel, steady as she goes” leadership. Instead, it seems like Murray & Carlyle are fire and brimstone preachers who see sin in every act save a financial donation to the church. It’s like they’re Michele Bachmann type modern McCarthyites who advocate congressional committees to determine and grade the patriotism of its members.

In other words, its high school.

Aside from his lack of maturity and childishness my other problem with Randy Carlyle is that he can’t coach. Carlyle has imposed a system. That shouldn’t be mistaken for coaching.

Frankly, the only team that could play Randy Carlyle hockey successfully is one that THN called the greatest Stanley Cup winning team ever. Much like Mike Ditka’s 80’s Chicago Bears. Or that Avs team with Bourque, Blake & Foote on the blue line. Sakic and Forsberg upfront and Roy in-goal. Occasionally, the question in sport is, how could you lose with that lineup.

Randy Carlyle is not a coach. He’s a guy who found a playbook and imposed it.

Grade: F

  1. buick22 says:

    RC needs to go, he simply can’t fix his own mess…it is too far gone, Getz needs a trade, he will crumble when the spotlights in Toronto or elsewhere shine on his thievery…he is stealing millions from the Sameuli’s by clocking in an loafing for 5 mil a season….until RC is gone, nothing is going to change except the lineups, daily.

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