Is Getzlaf Playing His Way Out of Anaheim?

Posted: 11/24/2010 by bc in Uncategorized
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Maybe it’s just a bunch of noise. Fans do make noise. Except this isn’t just fans making noise. This is also Team Canada Coach Mike Babcock demoting Ryan Getzlaf for doggin’ it. This is GM Bob Murray saying players will be moved before Randy Carlyle goes anywhere.

How do you dog it in the Olympics? A tournament that comes around every four years. A once in a lifetime opportunity. Olympic Gold and not the Stanley Cup is now considered in many if not most respected hockey circles to be the symbol of hockey superiority.

A tour of Ducks sites indicate many fans are asking the question. What’s wrong with Ryan Getzlaf?

The OCR Ducks Page is home to our Ducks funniest and most irreverent fans. OCR posters were first to nickname GM Bob Murray Barstool Bob, compare Randy Carlyle to Elmer Fudd have now tagged Ryan Getzlaf as Getzloaf. Scroll and skim through the comments on the Ryan Carter trade blog.

Over at the Official Anaheim Ducks website fans have two Ryan Getzlaf threads going simultaneously. Fans there are questioning everything from his ankle to his marriage. Ryan Getzlaf thread begun October 10, 2010 has 378 replies and has been viewed 6234 times. It contains everything from trade him to nominate him for Sainthood.

Ryan Getzlaf is now the face of the franchise. Not since Paul Kariya over a decade ago did the Ducks invest so much in a young athlete as they have in Ryan Getzlaf.

For the most part fans are questioning Getz heart. Professionals, including Brian Burke and Mike Babcock have posed the question as well. It’s not as though these fans are just making stuff up willy nilly. Burkey & Babs do have rather impressive hockey resumes.

There’s no question Getzlaf’s energy and compete level varies widely. He often extends his shifts too long. The rule of thumb for a forward is 45 seconds tops or up and back and get off the ice. You don’t make that third trip the full length of the ice.

There’s also no question that Ryan Getzlaf can be the most dominating hockey player in the world today. When Getzlaf is hustling, skating and establishing net presence he is, slot to slot, the most imposing and dominating force in hockey today.

The issue is that no team can afford to have its face of the franchise run hot and cold. How do you sell tickets to a show when you don’t know if the performer will feel like performing or not? There’s a reason Axel Rose can’t sell out a beer garden.

Henry Samueli can blame the economy for the lack of ticket, merchandise and more importantly corporate sponsorship sales. I think mediocre, lack luster performances have as much as more to do with the empty seats.

Ryan Getzlaf has won a couple of things nobody can take away. He has an Olympic Gold Medal and his name is engraved on the Stanley Cup.

Getzlaf has also earned the captaincy of an NHL hockey team and become the face of the franchise. These are things that can be taken away.

I wonder if Ryan Getzlaf knows the difference and if he cares enough to continue earning that ‘C’ on his Ducks jersey. If he doesn’t care enough, someone will take the ‘C’ and maybe the jersey too.

  1. Wrong side of the Atlantic says:

    After Babcock demoted Getzlaf, he went on to become absolutely dominant in the final few games of Canada’s Olympic campaign. Babcock’s change in treatment of the player produced desired results.

    I think its a mental thing with Getzlaf. While Babcock got the best out of him for a couple of games, Carlyle seems incapable of getting him to play consistently well, which begs the questions – what is Carlyle doing wrong? does Getzlaf believe in Carlyle as coach? Is Getzlaf beyond help?

    If it is all in the head, then what is needed is a coach who can motivate and inspire – or do whatever needs to be done to get Getzlaf playing as he can, all the time.
    Some players need strict discipline, some a pat on the back – most though need “tough love”. It is clear that something needs to change in how Getzlaf is treated by the coach. If Carlyle can’t do that (and its probably impossible to change coach/player relationships after so long, even if the willing was there) then we need someone who can.

    I don’t believe it is a case of Getzlaf not caring enough, full stop, whatever the coach, system, team. If a worker is treated badly by a company, no matter how much he wants to do well, there are times when he just won’t care, put in the full effort, and will get the “why should I?” attitude. In a caring company, where the same worker is treated really well, fairly and with respect, he will put in 100% effort, loves what he does, and will want to be successful.

  2. bbdux93 says:

    Babcock is said to have told Getz & Perry I expected more of you. So what is the message – I know what you are capable of more than I am seeing. That is pretty powerful and contains both a positive and a negative message. You can do better and WHEN you do these is sure to be a reward… I just don’t see Carlyle as smart enough or capable in any other way – of delivering such motivation.

    I doubt Getz himself has been treated badly, more so I think he suffers mentally when he see and hears others treated that way. Babcock’s comment contained a respect for the player’s abilities and maybe that is an element that is lacking in our locker room

  3. bbdux93 says:

    Sorry about the wrong word or missing words – I’d better go finish that cup of coffee I started. 🙂

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