In the Interest of Fairness

Posted: 11/26/2010 by bc in Uncategorized
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Those of you who have shared with me on the OCR board and here know I’ve got nothing but respect for Brian Hayward. There are times though when I do disagree with him. And absent any hype or further ado, you can read it for yourself here. My response is the first comment.

Back already?

Trust Hazy to make the best case for our Ducks .500 record you’ll find anywhere though. He’s obviously not totally wrong. Were there some games where you think our guys were legitimately fatigued? I found two. The Dallas and Minnesota road games last week.

Here’s the schedule and results if you want to refer to it.

  1. buick22 says:

    Angry birds. Is there a metaphor there? Is RC the pig??? or Ryan the bird, or do you mean actually playing the game with him?

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