PreGame PostUp: Chicago @ Anaheim

Posted: 11/26/2010 by bc in Uncategorized
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Two teams, of which more is expected, find themselves stumbling at a .500 win rate. Just good enough to become sellers at the trade deadline. Perhaps Chicago’s 3-2 OT nail-biter serves to confirm their records and current status as playoff outsiders.

Note: For the sake of clarity I’m introducing two phrases into our Ducks word stew, faith-based and reality based. While these phrases are obviously borrowed of and about religion, the use here is intended in a management and not a religious context.

Teemu Selanne will probably be a game time decision. The Blackhawks are not reporting any injuries.

The Blackhawks are on a rough six games in ten days and alternately been great then goat throughout. For trend seekers Chicago is due for a great night.

Our Ducks have lost five straight and haven’t played since Sunday. the guys were given two days off before returning to the ice Wednesday. While off days are usually planned well in advance, I’m not sure a five game losing streak warrants off days.

Seems to me you take those days to work on details. Over the course of five games mistakes recur more often than occur.

Well rested teams are the most difficult to predict. Do they come out flat and showing rust? Do they come out energetic and obviously happy to be back?

I am convinced that in Bob Murray and Randy Carlyle we have a faith-based management culture. After watching Randy Carlyle for 5+ years he seems more focused on esoteric team spirit issues than on the thousand little details that make the difference between winning and losing.

Why else wouldn’t you cancel scheduled off days during a five game losing streak? To hear Carlyle explain it, as he has done in the past, “Sometimes it’s best to get away from it for a bit.”

A five game losing string doesn’t seem to be that time. Then again I’m from the reality based school. One thing I’ve always noticed about team spirit is that team spirit is dictated by the won/lost record. Not by days off or fun practices or bonding days.

Besides, if Drill Sgt. Carlyle wasn’t so rippin’ destructive in his emotionally charged rants to and about his players he wouldn’t have to be so nice,nice such as granting days off during a five game skid.

Abusive tactics are emotionally draining to the recipient but merely serve to  re-energize the abuser.

I expect  one of two games tonight. Another listless, lackluster effort from our Ducks, or; a hard-fought game full of missed opportunities from two teams struggling to find their way. In other words an exciting groaner. The excitement of the scoring opportunity followed by the groan as the puck sails high and wide.

Note: We got home at midnight from our family Thanksgiving with the in-laws. Upon seeing that the OCR published four stories on Thanksgiving Day I knew this shouldn’t wait until morning. I have another family day tomorrow that will probably go late as well.


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