PostGame PostUp: Ducks 6 Coyotes 4

Posted: 11/27/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

During a week when Ducks fans began questioning Ryan Getzlaf he played his best game of the season. Most impressive were the physical sacrifices he made.

On one of Bobby Ryan’s goals Getzy took a hit to chip the puck up the boards. More important, he knew beforehand he had to take a hit to make that play. This wasn’t the Ryan Getzlaf who said recently, “I need a winger who can go in and dig out the puck for me.” This was Ryan Getzlaf going in and digging out the puck, using his body to box out two Phoenix checkers, dish to Perry who then scored on a bank shot.

The captain was credited with four assists tonight. If that’s the kind of playmaker he wants to be, I’m okay with it. Getzlaf’s sacrifice wasn’t just about digging out his own pucks and taking hits to make plays. Ryan Getzlaf also put himself in front of three shots tonight. Absolutely nothing picks up a team more than its leader sacrificing his body to make a play.

It was easily his best game of the season.

Make no mistake about it. This was a character win. The captain’s character became contagious as our Ducks killed six consecutive penalties with barely a peep or a whine from anyone.

Once again, though he won’t get credit, Hiller was a pillar. A veritable tower of power on the PK. All you stats guys can take off, eh. Hiller’s stats stunk tonight but he was our best player on the PK and he made the key save at the key moment when the ‘Yotes could have gone back up 4-2.

The week when this blog suggested that maybe Bobby Ryan isn’t that good after all, he comes back with a hat trick.

And how ’bout Dan Sexton? The guy who couldn’t hit water if he fell out of boat all of a sudden factored in three consecutive Ducks goals between the Oiler game and the first goal tonight.

At a time when this blog is pointing out that Cam Fowler isn’t even a mention in Calder conversations, Camshaft got the party started in the third period by assisting on McMillan’s first NHL goal and Corey Perry’s 129th. You might say Fowler made things happen at both ends of the rink as he was on the ice for 7 of the game’s 10 goals.

What a difference some size around the net makes. Led by Sutton, Lilja and Mara the ‘Yotes weren’t finding inside position in the low slot in front of Hiller.

Lubomir Visnovsky was a healthy scratch. Let’s see if he’s back in against the Kings on Monday.

Update: Eric Stephens is reporting that Lubomir Visnovsky was a late scratch because of back spasms.

  1. Wrong side of the Atlantic says:

    Getzlaf, Ryan, Perry – how good would we be if they played like that every game? Despite all the problems of late, when these guys are on form it’s a joy to watch.
    It’s been coming with Bobby I think, so well done on the trick.
    And finally a reward for Jason Blake, lol!!

    And on your post about the OCR team, I’m agreed, they deserve credit – between this blog and their news it keeps this Ducks fan up to date and informed. Wish I could be over there for the dinner!

  2. czhokej says:

    Our first line is changing its game. They attack the net more. Getzy wants to be the playmaker, but finally he also realized that he has to do more than passing. Sometimes the situation on the ice screams for him to go to the net (he is improving in that area but he should go there more often). He can shoot, he can cause havoc in front of the net, he must be willing to pay the price when he battles around the crease or by the boards. However what impressed me the most was Bobby Ryan – good skating, speed, great shooting. I always felt he was better than Getz, but he was not performing to my expactations most of the time. He improved his defensive game (PK TOI helped him, I guess).
    bc, what is your opinion regarding Marchant?

    • BackCheck says:

      Marchant is totally miscast on the wing cz. Todd is most effective in that between the dots rectangle where he has all kinds of skating room and can use his good stick and pesky nature.

      Once he gets into the small ice below the dots he is often over matched physically.

      So what does Elmer do? Elmer talks the talk about putting guys into positions where they can succeed. He just gets tripped up with the walkin’ part.

  3. czhokej says:

    Interesting comments above (bc) – sometimes we criticize something here at this post(or at OCR), and a few games later Randy Carlyle starts talking about it, and slowly they try to correct the problem. However my point is that a good coaching and managing staff should see the deficiencies before we do, and sometimes correct it from one shift to another.

    • BackCheck says:

      You’d think so cz but…our Ducks killed themselves with selfish, stupid penalties for the better part of two seasons before Carlyle made it a concern. Last season when everyone was screaming to simplify Carlyle waited more than two months before making even minor changes in his system. Recently, I pointed out how the Ducks and Stars exposed a weakness that Carlyle still hasn’t responded to or adjusted. He’s always talking about these very narrowly defined roles for hockey players instead of focusing on complete hockey doing specific tasks as needed.

      Maybe Elmer is too concerned about how the guys feel. Elmer wants to know that they’re bonding properly. Can’t get hockeyed out, you know. The mood in the room must be just so. that’s why we take days off during a losing streak. What a flippin’ joke.

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