What I Really Think of Philip Anschutz, AEG, L.A. Kings and their Fans

Posted: 11/29/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

I posted the following on the OCR board today. I’m reprinting it here in case they decide to take it down. I want my opinion a matter of record.

If you’re planning on attending the Kings game at the Honda Center this evening I strongly recommend that you not bring your children or women. Any Kings game is just no place for families in my opinion.

Serving trash who will grope our women, drop F-bombs at our children, pick fights and bully people is how the evangelical christian Philip Anschutz earns his supper. The sad truth is Philip Anschutz doesn’t have to earn his money from this crowd, he chooses to cater to this crowd.

These lowlife found each other at a website called letsgokings.Their leading blogger, Matthew Barry was given a full media credential by the L.A. Kings.

Sad to say this isn’t just a few fans type of thing. Catering to these gropers and bullies is part of the L.A. Kings marketing program. It’s been institutionalized.

  1. wildwing8 says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I usually go to games with my girlfriend. So I definitely won’t be going to any games in which we play the Kings. It’s pretty sad that fans do that kind of stuff. Hockey games, or any sports events for that matter, should be a place where people can go to watch a great sport and have a good time. The Kings as an organization should be ashamed of what these people, but they obviously don’t since they gave their guy a media credential. I’m glad you’re making all this known for people, like me, who don’t know so they can be cautious.

    • BackCheck says:

      Hey wildwing8, I’ve never in my life told people to stay away from a hockey game until these past few years with the Kings.

      BTW, Wyatt has a pretty good blog of his own going. It’s worth a look and more: http://wildwing8.wordpress.com/

      Don’t be shy about giving yourself a little shameless promo when you pop in Bud 🙂

      • ggreen3 says:

        While i too cannot stand the trash off of the 110, i cannot let these loud mouth uneducated punks infiltrate my building. They are jealous and always will be, why? Cause we got the CUP before them. I will always go to war against the Queens!!!

        Have a great night and Goooooooo Ducks!

  2. wildwing8 says:

    Yeah it sucks that people act like that. I’m glad our fans have class.

    Thanks for the shoutout man! I didn’t wanna seem like I was pimping out my blog. But I’ll definitely take the publicity. 😀

    • BackCheck says:

      hey ggreen3, if I were younger I’d be right there with ya.

      Hey wildwing8, I see you got two referrals already. We call that the BackCheck bump 😉 I really do like your blog. Anytime you wanna chat about blogging, WordPress you can email me brad.thrasher@yahoo.com

      • wildwing8 says:

        Yeah I’ve gotten quite a few hits from your mention. I appreciate it man.
        Cool. I’ll definitely keep that in mind when I need pointers.

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