Odds and Sods Between Game Days

Posted: 11/30/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

When Dan Sexton finishes just half of his scoring chances he’s a 40 goal scorer in the NHL. Hey Big Sexy, watch some video, you’ve got more time than you think. No need to rush it.

Is anybody taking Quick over Hiller in the OCR goalie poll today?

Did I get Elmer-ed? Yesterday I posted Bonino, McMillan & Sexton could be an effective third line and obviously Randy Carlyle thought the same thing. Who’s the blind squirrel in that goof?Which stat says more about a skater’s hockey value, total points or time on ice?

Madprops@OCR for not taking down or editing my post calling out Philip Anschutz for his “cater to trash” business model. The guy’s got a legal department bigger than some States.

How cool is it to see Jason Blake get rewarded for his efforts? Maybe there is some justice after all.

Breaking into cars at funerals? Wow! No wonder Retired Hockey Mom gets upset when I forget to lock the patio doors or leave my wallet on the car console.

Amazing how good Jonas Hiller is when he gets a little support.

The importance of blocking shots isn’t blocking shots. The real value in blocking shots is in the sacrifice and earning respect from your teammates. Just like picks, drawing two defenders to you, taking a hit to make pass and being first guy in on the forecheck.

Hockey asks one question. Are you willing and able to pay the price?

Cancel all days off and give our Ducks more back2backs and 3 games in four-day stretches. Our guys took 2 of 3 the hard way.

Everybody is looking toward Friday night against the Wings and nobody is even thinking about a better than expected Panthers team on Wednesday. One shift at a time guys.

If the old saw, “Goaltending is 90% of hockey” is accurate, why is the Panthers P% .529 and not .900 with Tomas Vokoun between the pipes?

Thanks to Atlanta Thrashers blogger Bill Tiller for passing this one along. It’s pretty much the usual thanks for telling us Scott Niedermayer retired and our defense is weak so Hiller has to be better. But, “The Chicks” are cool.

Speaking of Tiller check out his take on shot blocking. And no I don’t steal ideas I give credit.

Still wrestling with, Which stat says more about a skater’s hockey value, total points or time on ice? LOL.


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