PostGame PostUp: Carolina 4 Anaheim 2

Posted: 12/18/2010 by bc in Uncategorized
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Our Ducks made it exciting. Six is a lot of goals to qualify as a goaltender’s clinic type of game, but it was close. Jeez, Teemu will have nightmares tonight. At least twice I saw Flash bat pucks out of midair only to be gloved by Cam Ward.

How lucky can Ward get on glove save on Koivu’s shot late in the third. Maybe the eyes go with age but those gloves look like they take up half the net. I know the net is the same size.

The real question is, could this game have gone differently? Certainly, Eric Staal isn’t going to score a hat trick every game. John Ahlers & Brian Hayward raised Ward’s profile to god-like status. And yes absolutely the Hurricanes best players came through. That isn’t what won the game.

Our Ducks simply had no answer for the ‘Canes aggressive forecheck. We were bottled up in our own end far too easily and for far too much time. Simply put, Randy Carlyle knows the game from experience. He’s not a student of the game.

By ‘student of the game’ Randy Carlyle lacks the ability to question convention. We gave up 2-3 short-handed odd man rushes. Again and again and again we are consistently beaten on the same play. In this case everybody low, no 3rd man high. The coach lacks the ability to adapt.

How did Carlyle adapt? He broke up the lines…again. He shortened the bench….again.

Where it is fair to fault our Ducks players is we lost the chippy play or physical war. True Joe Corvo is a goon. He started his NHL career gaining fame for beating up a waitress in Boston. We let him get away with cheap shots all night long.

Ruutu and Gleason are tough as nails and keep it within the unwritten rules of the game. And as I mentioned in the pregame, Tim Gleason is one underrated D-man.

Where the blade meets the ice, the Hurricanes kept our Ducks on the outside all game long. Perry got inside a bit. Teh 4th line got inside a bit. Other than that our guys looked like orphans with hungry faces pressed against the window.

Next up, Tim Thomas and the Boston Bruins. Hmm…?

  1. czhokej says:

    Breath of fresh air to read your post.
    When a coach looks at Carolina stats, he can easily identify a dangerous man. However RC did not pay too much attention to it. Staal had so much room, Brookbank was too slow to cover him, then Lydman left him open on the side of the net, and on the third Staal’s goal, Mara and Fowler were both on the same side, and Koivu and Teemu were too slow to cover the area in frotn of the net. Simply said, Staal was able to get inside position too often and too easily.

  2. buick22 says:

    This year’s team reminds me of the Lakers after the lost Shaq and started playing the game of the day, beating the Spurs and losing to the Bobcats, it went on all season, and was highly frustrating…..hopefully they get back on the horse for Boston…and maybe leave the liens alone, Marchant has flashes of offense, but is usually so PK minded he just dumps it in, and Parros is too slow, and Sutton, well, there has to be a better way…maybe Lilja or Sbisa could play up instead of the healthy scratch…..RC c’mon man, make a call or two

    PS In case anyone has been watching..trouble in SYR, they beat the best team in AHL after losing to all the worst, bad losing streak then crush the leaders…sound familiar…?

  3. czhokej says:

    Now Randy started changing line combos more and more. I am, as usual, skeptical. I would rather see less of that. I would prefer some stability, and better system, tailored to the opposition’s strenghts and weaknesses, using proper positioning, puck support, and more puck possession.

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