PreGame PostUp: Ducks @ ‘Canes

Posted: 12/18/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

Well both Teemu Selanne and I are coming off the IR to today. Teemu’s as you know was a groin issue. Mine was a brain injury. Three very minor but pesky strokes. I’ll let you determine if there are any lasting effects 😉

What a great game for a return. This game has so many subplots.

First and obvious are the captains, Ryan Getzlaf and Eric Staal. Their respective careers are so similar. One year apart in age. Each has established himself as a point per game or better player. Each is a captain. Each has a Stanley Cup ring and a gold medal. Both are streaky in the points department.

Too bad we won’t see Getzlaf v. Staal much in this game.  Look for ‘Canes coach Paul Maurice to assign the Brandon Sutter line to our Ducks Top Line. In what isn’t good news, Sutter is healthy for the first time this season.

Carolina’s blue line is an interesting collection of rejects. Although in the case of  shut down specialist Tim Gleason, consider the source should be applied. Kings fans are the only life form in this quadrant of the universe who don’t know that Gleason for Johnson was a bad trade for the Hollywood Hosers.

Joni Pitkanen, Ian White and Joe Corvo take care of the puck moving chores. In rookie Jamie McBain Carolina finally has a bona-fide, genuine, legit #1 D-man. What McBain may lack in ideal size and snarl he makes up for in Hockey IQ. This kid is one smart hockey player.

The one weakness our Ducks can and will try to exploit Bryan Rodney, who is expected to fill in for injured stay@homer Jay Harrison. Watch for the Ducks to carry the play to Rodney’s side of the rink thus challenging his teammates to converge in over-support.

Between the pipes its Cam Ward v. Jonas Hiller. Don’t be surprised if we’re treated to a goalie clinic today.

By the Numbers:

The numbers don’t lie tell a story of two teams that get it done very differently. A Ducks fan might salivate looking at the league’s 26th best PP unit. Oh man we can push these guys around. Take some liberties maybe? Sure, if you want hitch your star to the league’s 19th best PK unit.

Conversely, our Ducks PP is clicking along at a respectable 21% for 9th best. Pit that against Carolina’s 27th PK unit and rack up two points? Not so fast Elmer, ‘Canes are the 4th least penalized team in the NHL.

Carolina Hurricanes win hockey games the old-fashioned way. These guys are emotionally disciplined and out work their opponent. When necessary Cam Ward can steal a game.

How even are these two teams? The P% is currently Ducks .543 while the ‘Canes winning rate is .533.

By the Intangibles:

Look for former Ducks Ryan Carter and Troy Bodie to make a noteworthy contribution at some point during the game.

No prediction.

  1. ffe155 says:


    Welcome back. You picked a heck of time to take some time off. Good thing you were away when RC got his extension. Your reaction might have keep you off the net for a longer period of time.

    All joking aside, it’s great to have you back and I look forward to your continued insights into the Ducks and hockey in general.

    • BackCheck says:

      TY ffe155.

      Carlyle’s extension is a big meh. One year is not exactly a big endorsement. Oh man it’s nice to chat hockey after 9 days 🙂 Even if it is about RC.

  2. bbdux93 says:

    You were misssed – glad you’re back.

    • BackCheck says:

      TY bbdux93. You were missed too. It was a perfect storm of the mini-strokes while moving the work station. I did manage an Elmer though. Seemed I had the presence of mind to call 911 but dialed on the tv remote instead of the phone.

      Imagine, Randy Carlyle always reaches for the wrong tool. I should be nicer to that guy.

  3. bbdux93 says:

    Only you could make me laugh over an error that could have been life threatening. Whatever it is that your doctor(s) tell you must or you must not do – do it, I still have lots to learn – you have work to do!

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