PreGame PostUp: Ducks @ Sabres

Posted: 12/21/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

Tonight Barstool Bob gets to revisit one of his (((DOH))) moments when Steve Montador takes the ice for the Sabres. Montador for Petterri Nokolainen isn’t Bob’s worst trade but it is certainly ranks high on the list. For the second consecutive night our Ducks are reminded of a move they probably would like to do over. Last night it was Shawn Thornton in Boston.

How bad is it for the Buffalo Sabres? Not even perennial Vezina Trophy candidate Ryan Miller can lift this dud into playoff contention. Captain Craig Rivet will be a healthy scratch for the twelfth consecutive game this evening. Tim Connolly is out with a broken beak. UFA signee Shoanne Morrisonn is out indefinitely with a concussion. Patrick Kaleta could be suspended for an elbow to Dimitry Kulikov of the Panthers.

And oh yeah, Tyler Myers hasn’t generated one, “I can’t believe we got him 12th overall in the 2008 Entry Draft” comment. Myers is in the midst of a brutal sophomore slump.

With all that going on Buffalo is not a team to be taken lightly. Tyler Myers has 3 assists in the past 4 games. Of his 5 goals 3 have been game winners. Ryan Miller can steal a game on any given night. Upfront, Derek Roy and  Tomas Vanek are the guys to stop.

This is another of those games where our Ducks seem to let two points slip away. Our Ducks are 2-3-2 on the dead legs side of back2back road games. It’s a game playoff teams win and non-playoff teams lose.

Maybe it’s good that unless you’re at the HSBC Arena in Buffalo we don’t see this one.

  1. zseller says:

    I do not want to come across as a defender of Mr. Murrays moves but in the case of Shawn Thornton it was not a trade and it was in the days of Mr. Burke.
    Thornton leaving was a byproduct of the Ducks winning the Cup and Boston coming in and making him an offer that the Ducks in no way could or should have attempted to match.
    In this era of salray cap rosters Thornton was and is a very serviceable player but he can not be paid second line money.
    We are likely to see this pattern continue over the next several years in that depth wins the Cup. Unless you have a lot of youth that is signed for cheap for a few years you are going to run into what the Ducks did and what the Hawks are experiencing this season.
    Most teams have a solid first and second line, it is the depth that wins them the playoff series. I think that this holds true going back for several years, feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
    I have to wonder if Montador is a fav of yours as I would not view either him or the guy we got in trade as game changers. Montador is likely a serviceable defender and the Ducks have several of these on the team at present.
    I would be in more of agreement in regards to Sean O’Donnell whose value on and off the ice is sorely missed.

  2. BackCheck says:

    Hey zseller,

    All well put opinions are welcome here. You don’t have to worry about how you “come across.” Everybody has been so cool I haven’t even had to make any rules yet 🙂

    Steve Montador is a guy who can play up on the wing. He was a bit of a late bloomer but eventually found a home in Buffalo. For $1.5 million I’ll take his snarl, compete, versatility, 20+ pts and 20 minutes ATOI for as long as he can give it.

    Per & capgeek Shawn Thornton signed a 3yr contract at $516K per year with Boston in 2007. Are you saying $16K above the league minimum is too much for a guy who helped you win a Stanley Cup?

    I don’t know that a role or depth player is ever “sorely missed.” Changing serviceable parts so often does involve a lot of unnecessary reinventing the wheel.

    • zseller says:

      Maybe Montador is thriving given that he is out of Carlyle’s system and in one that better suits his game, not sure. From what I recall in his short stint with the Ducks he did not set the world on fire.
      In regards to Thornton, I think that it was decided by Burke that he was going to let him go and keep May as they both pretty much played the same role and I am guessing that the belief was that May had a little more upside offensively. I hated to see ST go as I felt he was a big part of the Cup team as was May ( who I think scored one of the most important goals in the run) but May was a Burkie guy and ST was not.
      I certainly agree that the constant moving of pieces creates a lack of continuity. I am not sure if it is done to keep guys on their toes or what. I am left guessing why Chiphura and Voros are here and Carter and Bodie are gone. To me what we have is less valuable than what went away.
      Hope this rambling makes some sense.

  3. BackCheck says:

    Yeah zseller, IIRC you’re spot on about May being a Burke guy. I still don’t think it was the smart roster move though. I’ve got nothing but respect for Brad May but he was definitely at the end of his career.

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