PostGame PostUp: Los Angeles 4 Anaheim 1

Posted: 12/26/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

In Keys to the Game this blog noted:

Take away the low slot and you take away the ugly goals that guys like Smyth, Brown, Kopitar, Handzus score most often. And that is how you beat the Kings. Take away the grinding game and you force the Doughty’s, Johnson’s, William’s and Kopitar’s to take things on themselves.

Kings scored two goals from between the has marks. Two more from the side of the crease. Obviously our Ducks lost the battles in the low slot.The loss dropped our Ducks into 10th in the Western Conference just one point ahead of Phoenix who have five games in hand. Ducks face the Coyotes Tuesday night at Arena.

Note: I’ll update this post later this evening after the excuses roll in.

It doesn’t appear that anybody has any quotes tonight. No Ducks Calls on AM 830 either. Very strange considering the Freeway Series is a major marketing tool for both teams.

Some will blame Hiller because three of the Kings four goals came on shots after rebounds. Those who do aren’t hockey players. Every player knows the goalie is responsible for the first save. After that it’s up to the skaters to get those rebounds turned back up ice. Instead our Ducks stood around like pylons and gave up additional shots after rebounds.

The Kings other goal came when Joffrey Lupul lost the puck in his feet. Justin Williams poked it free, stepped up between the hash marks and placed one past Hiller.

  1. czhokej says:

    I did not like some of the rebounds, but I do not blame Hiller for the loss. Actually I do not know whom to blame. During the 2nd period, the whole team looked slow and lethargic. And they did not wake up. Ryan and Lupul were visible only when they lost the puck.

  2. ffe155 says:


    What I found most interesting about last night’s game is that I believe it’s the first time we saw all the pieces of the post Pronger trade philosophy in place. Sbisa on D, Lupul paired with Ryan to distribute the offense on a third scoring line. Ryan at center to strengthen the middle.

    Didn’t produce much last night, but I’d like to see this full line-up for a few more games before passing judgement.

  3. ffe155 says:


    According to the OCR blog, looks like RC is going to keep this pairing for PHX. I hope that he sticks to it long enough to find the right 3rd member for this line and the Twins. IMO distributing the offense is the only hope that this group has at making a solid playoff run. Lupul had some great comments on spreading the TOI. I’m tired of the 11 point RPG single game explosions followed by half a dozen games of sporadic offense.

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