Slowing down…

Posted: 12/30/2010 by bc in Uncategorized

It’s pretty obvious since surviving three strokes earlier this month that I’m just not on my game. Even posting at the OCR Ducks Blog is a huge chore. To give you some idea, I’ve been working on this post for an hour and have three sentences.

Obviously, I don’t have the focus to write 500+ word blogs at this time. Even what I’ve posted in the past week isn’t up to my own standard. Sentences aren’t flowing and I zone out.

I don’t have any paralysis. No saliva dripping off my chin, lol. For some reason I’ve been hit with the slows. That’s one for the neurologists and way above my pay grade.

For the time being I’m going to suspend blogging and posting on the OCR Ducks Blog. They tell me this isn’t life threatening and I have asked the Doc’s to be very straight with me about that. It’s now one hour and forty minutes just on this post. That’s not me.

Thank you all so much for visiting and sharing here. I look forward to getting back with you as soon as I’m able.

Go Ducks!!!

  1. bbdux93 says:

    I will miss your great analysis and look forward to your recovery.

  2. czhokej says:

    I was afraid that this blog would be too demanding. You have put a lot of hours and effort into this. I must say I was and I am impressed. So many interesting pages! Your post-game analysis Ducks-Yotes was a high-quality work (among other first-rate reviews). However, your health is the most important thing right now, so take it easy.

  3. ffe155 says:


    Your insights here and on the OCR Blog will be sorely missed. I wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to your future post that announces “BackCheck is back.”

  4. buick22 says:

    While always great to check in and see what you think, life is most precious. Take care BC, and give a wave when you can…will miss the commentary.

  5. jenelynrusso says:

    Please take care of yourself. Your health is more important than all of this. We will miss your words, but your full recovery is really what we all want. Take care, Brad.

  6. wildwing8 says:

    Sorry to hear that man. I’ll miss all your analysis, but of course your health is more important. Hope you get better soon! Don’t be a stranger. 🙂

  7. ggreen3 says:


    I too love your insight, wit and views. Coming from a family which has suffered from many loved ones having strokes, i understand the time off. Get rested enjoy your family and friends. And i too look forward to the day when you have the energy to make me laugh again.

    Happy New Year!

  8. tearingitup says:

    Keep up the good work…just don’t overdue it. Happy New Year to you and yours

  9. BackCheck says:

    Thank you all and Happy New Year right back@ya.

    • firerandy says:

      Happy New Year Backcheck! I wish you a smooth and speedy recovery and as much as I will miss your wonderful insight please don’t sacrifice your health for us crazy ducks die hards. Take it easy!

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