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Posted: 01/02/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

Found a fun game invented by Cliff Fletcher and passed along by Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun:

Cliff Fletcher used to say the best way to analyze a team is to take your players and place them in one of three categories: Played beyond expectations. Played to expectations. Played below expectations. If you have too many in the last category and not enough in the first, you’re not going anywhere.

I’ll play, just not sure if I’m going first or not 😉Okay, going first:

Playing Above Expectations:

Joffrey Lupul, the fact that he’s back in the NHL can be considered more than many expected. Brandon McMillan, establishing a rookie bar under Randy Carlyle. Toni Lydman, his numbers are are in line with his career stats but nobody expected him to be this successful. Lubomir Visnovsky, on pace for 60pts and holding up  physically under increased ice time. George Parros could well be seeing 3rd line TOI on many teams not so deep on RW.

Playing to Expectations:

Corey Perry, open to arguments but did you not think he was a point a game complete hockey player who could play in all situations? Jonas Hiller, again all opinions are welcome but I’ve never doubted him. Teemu Selanne is still above a point per game pace but that he’s doing it as a playmaker is certainly a surprise. Great things were expected of Cam Fowler and he is having a great year for a rookie. Luca Sbisa is beginning to define his NHL game. Jason Blake is on pace for 16 goals pretty much exactly what is hoped/expected. Curtis McElhinney’s lack of consistency is keeping him in the performing to expectations.

Playing Below Expectations:

Ryan Getzlaf has cut way down on the stupid penalties. If Getz isn’t skating he isn’t effective. Too many shifts and nights not skating. It’s beyond nuts that Randy Carlyle hasn’t found a set spot for Bobby Ryan. Saku Koivu is doing everything we need from him except setup Teemu Selanne.  In what should be his break out year, Ryan is slumping. Andy Sutton is forcing it and trying to do too much. Relax Big Guy. Paul Mara & Andreas Lilja were brought in for insurance but haven’t given Fowler & Sbisa much if any competition. Sheldon Brookbank has fallen from 4th to 8th on the depth chart. I think we’re going to ruin Nick Bonino who obviously isn’t ready. Todd Marchant wins some faceoffs and helps some penalties but no goals and 4 assists is just unacceptable for a guy with 13:40 ATOI. Maybe it’s the sophomore jinx but more is expected from Matt Belesky.

  1. firerandy says:

    I would throw bobby in the bellow expectations he has been very quite this season. The only thing holding perry out of the beyond category would be penalty minutes for me, but he has improved his discipline as of late. Teemu, for me, would be in the beyond category just because how productive he has been for his age. If it wasnt for the games he missed because of the groin he should have some preaty impressive numbers. I think fowler is obviously beyond based on toi vs. his young age. I think we all know where sutton should be… Saku is a hard one for me. Sbisa is a toss up between beyond and playing to expectations, it would of been easier to decide if he had been here the whole season. But the fact that he is not in SYR might me a good arguement for beyond, oh and the hipchecks!

    • firerandy says:

      Hopefully we will be talking about how beyond lampierre has gone here in a couple months!

    • BackCheck says:

      Hey firerandy, it’s a subjective standard. There’s no right or wrong. The question is by Fletcher’s game, what do you think of these Ducks? Can they meet YOUR expectations, as a team?

      • firerandy says:

        As a team they have not meet my expectations. I am really getting sick of the constant changes though, although I do realize lately its been because of injuries. We have not really had much consistency in line combos from the beginning of the season. It is hard to judge them individually for this reason, at least for me. It blows my mind how we both are watching the same game but you seem to get twice the data out of it. For that reason I am thoroughly intrigued with your analysis on your bc blog and comments on the ocr blog. I have been watching hockey since I was aj kid

  2. firerandy says:

    Sorry hit send on accident, watching hockey since I was a kid but havn’t started to actually understand it until about a couple years ago. I have been watching religiously the past 4 to 5 years and I am finally starting to grasp the game. Thank you for helping my growth and understanding of the game, you have actually made the game more enjoyable for me. But to get back to the point the ducks have been a little disappointing, considering the world class talent and decent depth this team has.

    • BackCheck says:

      Do you want me to delete the post at 11:57pm?

      Thanks for the props and you’re very welcome. I’m really not all that smart firerandy, just passing along all that was taught to me.

      • firerandy says:

        No, its ok you can leave it. Just for fun, I know alot of people are not big fans of stats but, What stat or stats would you say is the most alarming from the first half of the season? It seems there are a couple that need much improvement if there is realistic talk of a playoff run.

      • firerandy says:

        And you are preaty hockey smart at least for so cal hockey fans, its hard to find intelligent, knowledgeable hockey fans around the LA-OC region to discuss hockey with.

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