firerandy asks, “What Ducks stat or stats is the most alarming?”

Posted: 01/03/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

It was asked on the Rate the Ducks thread but impressed me as worth a chat.

NHL team and player stats.

I found three, two player stats and one team stat. Ryan Getzlaf is second, only to Francois Beauchemin, in giveaways. No other Ducks rank in the Top 75.

Nick Bonino, no points in 26 games or 78 periods or 254.8 minutes of TOI and is only -3 on a team with a goal differential of minus-10.

Ducks P% is currently .548. To earn 95 pts which is maybe a playoff spot translates to a P% of .579. To reach 95 points our Ducks need to win at .613 clip in the remaining 40 games. In other words, the recent 3 game winning streak that everyone is celebrating which brought the team to 6-4 record in the past ten games, isn’t good enough.

  1. czhokej says:

    Some young players were getting more opportunities (which is positive), but I would rather see Sexton and Beleskey than Bonino and McMillan. I do not like Marchant’s stats either.
    What about SOG diff. -271, only Edmonton is worse! Hiller won several games for us.
    Our goal diff. -10 is not too flattering (22nd in the league).
    There are some signs of improvement, and let’s hope that the second half of the season will be better.

    • BackCheck says:

      Seeing that shot differential is like getting hit with a bucket of cold water. Hey cz, did you happen across a scoring chances stat? That might really put Hiller’s performance in perspective.

  2. ffe155 says:


    I’ll throw out an alarming stat – Duck’s rank 24th in the league in win percentage when trailing after the 1st period. Doesn’t say a whole lot for team character.

  3. BackCheck says:

    Tonight our Ducks face the Nashville Predators who are third in the league by GAA with 2.40 and 5th in PK efficiency at 85.3%.

    Our Ducks record against the league’s ten best defensive teams by GAA and PK% respectively? 9-2 against the former and 5-2 against the latter.

    Overall our Ducks are 10-3-0 against the teams among the ten best in GAA & PK efficiency.

    Alarming in a good way, no?

  4. firerandy says:

    Ha has, yes alarming in a good way. Its getting to a point where I’m getting scared to play teams like the devils and the islanders rather than the caps, pens, flyers or bruins. I wish we were in the eastern conf. this year!

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