Second Update on Corey Perry

Posted: 02/07/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

Pears was named 3rd star of the week and he was the live interview during the NHL Network show, NHL on the Fly. Perry got the interview in part because the first and second stars, Johan Franzen and Mikael Samuelson were playing.

Totally unfair is the latest example of Eastern Establishment media bias shown against Curtis “McBackUp” McElhinney. McBackup’s skate blade save on the Avs Adam Foote was somehow not among the Saves or Plays of the Week.

A few days following this blogs feature, “Corey Perry, First to Blossom” Eric Stephens at OCR posted an in depth look on the young man from Peterborough, Ont.

Finally, Pears is just now beginning to draw major media attention as evidenced in this blurb from Mike Brophy of

Just Ducky

Not enough is being made of the great season Anaheim’s Corey Perry is enjoying, particularly in light of the fact he played 13 games without his pal and linemate Ryan Getzlaf. Perry has always had the talent, but he has become a leader on a team that is rebuilding after taking a step back following their Stanley Cup victory in 2006-07. Back then he was a secondary player on a club led by veterans Chris Pronger, Scott Niedermayer, Jean-Sebastien Giguere and Teemu Selanne.

Perry is basically a shy young man, but he has been climbing out of his shell this year and has become quite an insightful interview. Chances are he’ll finish in the top 10 in league scoring for the first time this season and if the Ducks go deep into the playoffs, Perry will play a huge role in their success.

I’m not sure if Broph has ever interviewed Pears. Maybe he got the shy bit from reading Ice.

  1. buick22 says:

    Shy = not a loud interview maybe?

    Perry deserves any credit given, and then some. Am I the only one worried about Getz coming back? We have been doing ok, and the other lines are still a mess, Lupul can;t get going with the line mates he has, and I think disappears sometimes…Marchant is having a terrible year on offense, but is holding his own on PK, I don’t know that he ever had great hands, but they have turned to stone…

    • BackCheck says:

      Hey buick22, IIRC T-bone had a 20+ goal, 50 point season that got him his good contract a few years back. I’d rate a little higher than “holding his own” on the PK. Especially lately. He seems to be another guy who really picks it up in the second half of the season.

      Lines? What lines? RC doesn’t have lines. He has twosomes. It only looks like he has lines because he doesn’t breakup the Masterton Line as much as he does the others.

      BTW buick22, you can be a minority of one on this board. The rule here is challenge the post, not the poster. WordPress gave me a wonderful Edit App and if that doesn’t work they gave me a delete app and if that doesn’t work there’s the forever banned app 😉

      Personally I’ve always hated fighting. It’s stupid, last resort stuff. What you couldn’t beat them any other way?

      Will have more on Getzlaf & Lupul later.

      • buick22 says:

        Not sure what all that meant?

        Marchant is one of my favorite players, I am just a little bummed he has become PK and defense savior ONLY. I remember the late game heroics when he could tunr it on and wrist one in a top corner as he wove through the backing up defense, I noticed he hasn’t done that this season not even a little….I hope he can be more than the line change allowing dump in guy.

        He has always been a PK stalwart, this year is no different. i think the early season battles has him in a defense only mode, and maybe that will change with a line mate, or a point in time now that they are getting rest, and gapping the games out. I noticed RC had enough time to plan a real strategy last game, and it worked.

  2. bbdux93 says:

    buick 22, I too am concerned about how the return of Getz could affect Corey.

    Marchant – again agree. I will always remember his T-Shirts for the 06-07 Cup playoffs which makes me believe in addition to his abilities on the PK, he probably also has a positive impact in the locker room.

  3. BackCheck says:

    Hey buick22 & bbdux93,

    My only worry about Getzlaf is if he’s skating or not. Like Luca Sbisa elevates his game by getting involved physically, Getz elevates his game by moving his feet. When Getz skates he dominates and owns the center lane slot to slot. If he’s skating he’s a plus. His return won’t upset the chemistry so long as Getz is skating.

    Obviously, the giveaways (GA) are always an issue. The mostly costly GA’s occur in our end and seem to happen most often on the same play. Getzlaf often makes a pass to a winger who is supposed to be skating across the blue line into the center lane. Opposing players read this and intercept the pass often.

    It’s always better to eat the puck than to make a bad pass that turns into a GA. Jeez, Getzlaf knows all this. RC knows it. So why does it continue to happen?

  4. czhokej says:

    I have been very critical of Getzy this season: First – he was glued to his half-boards position and did not move too much from there (at the beginning of the season). Second: he did not attack the net and instead he took the play to the corners too often, and behind the goal – there they cycled until they lost the puck. Third – giveaways. Fourth – slow acceleration and lazy skating. Five – problematic positioning – and I will repeat myself – when Getzy goes to the net (or to the low slot) he scores, but he does that only a few times a game. Six -fighting should not be his assignment.
    Yes, he is a valuable player, and quite talented one, but he needs a good mentor.
    Sorry, I forgot that this was about Perry. Perry could give him some hints now.

    • BackCheck says:

      Getz idol Joe Thornton took a lot of flak for being a perimeter player. CZ, your 1st, 2nd and 5th points are all about playing on the perimeter. You’re a tough grader. Still, the most disappointing thing I’ve ever read about Ryan Getzlaf came from Getz himself. Talking about who should be on LW Getz said, “I want somebody who can dig out the puck for me.”

  5. buick22 says:

    That is a comment I still recall. Thought it explained a lot of ills. It will be nervous for me to see what/if/how the injury affects him when he returns.
    P.S. I ordered a SYR third jersey (Palmieri) the solid Orange one…I’ll rock it at the next game once UPS delivers….if you haven’t seen them they are pretty sweet, and I vote should be their home jersey….PSS what is your take on the Emery situation, seeing as we will know where he ends up by morning..? Seems like a no brainer for us, but only if he doesn’t get picked up.

  6. czhokej says:

    bc, I think that we basically agree about Getzy’s shortcomings. There is a nice discussion about Getz at OCR blog, but I would have to say more of less the same there…
    I am looking forward to your post about Getz, as you mentioned above. One of my questions is (and this is related to the discussion with MTA at OCR blog) why the coaching staff doesn’t change (or cannot) some of his problems. Or if it is player’s decision where to go, how to set up the play etc. , then what role or control does the coach have (hypothetical question) ?

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