Carlyle Shows His Hole Card

Posted: 02/08/2011 by bc in Uncategorized
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I’ve always found the secrecy surrounding our Ducks comical. The closed practices, unannounced goalie decisions as if our Ducks have some super secret plan. RC has let one slip in how he intends to work captain Ryan Getzlaf back into the lineup.

Coach Carlyle told the press scrum that, “I would suspect he’ll (Getzlaf) get a regular shift. I suspect he’ll get some time on the power play.”

You can view the press scrum here courtesy of ADHN, Anaheim Ducks Hockey Network.

According to the OCR’s Line rushes report, Carlyle intends to reunite the top line of Getzlaf-Ryan & Perry. I’ll never understand why the OCR insists on describing lines LW_C_RW when all of hockey goes C_LW_RW as it is done on game sheets.

I don’t follow baseball coverage but am curious if the OCR has changed baseball’s traditional 1 through 9 lineup description as well. I have heard from Hockey Mom’s who laugh at the OCR over this. But I digress.

Carlyle wouldn’t commit as to which PP unit Getz would join. Koivu-Perry & Selanne has been doing pretty well. Though in the past Carlyle has been known to fix things that aren’t broken.

OTOH, putting Getz between a couple of sharp shooters like Ryan and Lupul could turn the area behind the opposition net into a red light district. That is pending the big IF as Carlyle himself put it. “Getzlaf has to be strong on the puck and keep skating.”

Putting Lupul alongside Getzlaf for awhile could do wonders for Joffrey. His 5 goals and 8 assists in 26 games is off his expected 20 goal, 50 point pace. When you consider that Loops has accomplished that with 13:13 ATOI (3rd line minutes) it’s very impressive regardless of the injury.

By comparison, Brandon McMillan has accomplished less, 5 goals 6 assists given more, 13:51 ATOI. And everybody is singing his praises.

Or as our bud czhokej put it on Getzlaf:

First – he was glued to his half-boards position and did not move too much from there (at the beginning of the season). Second: he did not attack the net and instead he took the play to the corners too often, and behind the goal – there they cycled until they lost the puck. Third – giveaways. Fourth – slow acceleration and lazy skating. Five – problematic positioning – and I will repeat myself – when Getzy goes to the net (or to the low slot) he scores, but he does that only a few times a game. Six -fighting should not be his assignment.

Does anybody else see the humor in czhokej and RC saying much the same thing?

In a different context, Joffrey Lupul noted that Carlyle tends to ride Getzlaf-Ryan-Perry when the team gets in trouble.

What makes the most ES sense right now is:

Getzlaf-Lupul-Perry; Koivu-Ryan-Perry; Lapierre-McMillan-Sexton or Blake. Carlyle has said he thinks Blake’s best position is RW. Here’s RC’s chance to put a guy in a spot where he believes he can play his best hockey. Will RC follow through?

Carlyle as already quoted is non-committal about his PP units. Maybe this makes some sense:

Koivu-Perry-Selanne/Fowler-Visnovsky; Getzlaf-Ryan-Lupul/Sutton-Sbisa

Sutton has a heavy shot that we haven’t made use of on the PP.

  1. buick22 says:

    Since things are not broken on top, and the diff between Lupul and McMillan is 2 assists and one shift a game, (not singing his praises, just saying Lupul has done the same with lesser line mates i less games) Why mess it up? Let McMillan stay until Getz is 100%, Masterton stays and Getz can anchor Loops and Lapierre…Oh, and Lapierre can be the guy digging his pucks out. Marchant Sexton Parros to finish.

    Accomplishes the same thing without a total wrench in the re-work. I like your lines but to have the whole team feeling out line mates could kill our season at the critical time. If they get through the road trip, we have enough breaks between games to actually practice, and give your setup a shot, if we iced 3 capable lines, we could be very hard to beat…Detroit has been doing it for years, we just never had enough depth to make it work.

    • BackCheck says:

      Your points are well taken, buick22. My fear is that Randy Carlyle can’t give 3 balanced lines balanced ice time. We’re already seeing that with Lupul on the third line. What happens when Bobby Ryan is playing 3rd line minutes as well?

  2. buick22 says:

    man, sorry about the typos.

  3. czhokej says:

    I remember that Lupul used to play well with Getzy. I would like to them together again at least for a few times.

    Funny thing about secrecy (lineup), and too often predictable same game plan.

    About line rushes – I may look like an ignorant fan, but we used LW-C-RW notation in Europe. I will try to adjust.

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