Ducks @ Nucks: Whip out Your Measuring Stick

Posted: 02/08/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

This tilt pits a team that believes it belongs among the NHL elite against the current President’s Trophy leader. If our Ducks are ready to run with the big dogs a win in Vancouver’s barn would certainly help make their case.
After all the Canucks are only 11-0-4 in their 15 games at Rogers Arena. Even more impressive is that the Nucks are 25-3-6 over their previous 34 games.

These Ducks are no  longer Brian Burke’s WC Finalist and Stanley Cup winner. These Ducks are Bob Murray’s playoff contending team. Quite a step down from what this ownership and management group promised its fans and supporters.The good news is that our Ducks have absolutely nothing to lose Wednesday night in Vancouver. Nobody expects a Bob Murray team to compete with  hockey’s elite. This is one of those games that clearly separate the pretenders from the contenders.

The Nucks are a team that ice 7 forwards already into double digits in goal scoring. An eighth forward, Jeff Tambellini has nine goals. Despite many attempts including trading for Montreal’s Maxim Lapierre the Murray/Carlyle attempt to find consistent 3rd line scoring is a fail. Our Ducks don’t have a second six forward with more than five goals on the season.

There is absolutely no tangible reason to think our Ducks can win this game. Sport is not about tangibles alone. Sport is also about intangibles. Vanfans will tell you their Nucks have 3 nemesis teams. Chicago of course that has beaten them twice in the second round of the playoffs. Detroit who are everyone’s measuring stick team. Surprisingly our Ducks have represented a tough challenge to the Canucks.

Ducks/Nucks tilts tend to be wild high scoring games that fans love and coaches hate. The two games this season have produced 16 goals. last season the teams combined for 28 goals in four games. There’s no logical reason for it. Both coaches, Randy Carlyle and Alain Vigneault are well-known for preaching defense first.

The Canucks look like a Stanley Cup contender. Then again they might be peaking too early. One thing common among Stanley Cup finalists is they tend to exorcise their demons along the way to the SCF. During this 25-3-6 run the Nucks lost in a shoot out to the Wings and beat the Blackhawks 4-3 in regulation time.

Now it’s the rubber match against our Ducks. Their third nemesis. To slay a dragon. For our Ducks it’s all about serving notice. Finding a reason to believe.

Two teams with something to prove for very different reasons.

  1. buick22 says:

    They are a complete team offensively, and gelling nicely defensively…our fore check has to be working from the start, the are a great skating and passing team as well…this game will be a huge look at our season potential, this is the kind of team we will have to beat to go anywhere.

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