The Playoff Watch

Posted: 02/14/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

Oh man, does it get any more exciting? Fifty-two days and 27 or fewer games per team remain. In our neighborhood the Pacific Division 4 points separate first from last. And oh yeah, the last place Hollywood Hosers have two GIH over the first place Phoenix Coyotes.Here’s how shows it:


Team GP W L OT PTS GF GA Home Away Last 10 Streak
Phoenix 58 30 19 9 69 165 162 14-10-5 16-9-4 6-4-0 Won 5
Dallas 56 31 19 6 68 159 158 17-8-5 14-11-1 3-6-1 Lost 1
Anaheim 57 32 21 4 68 159 157 17-8-1 15-13-3 8-2-0 Won 4
San Jose 57 30 21 6 66 158 151 13-10-3 17-11-3 7-2-1 Lost 2
Los Angeles 56 31 22 3 65 156 132 17-9-1 14-13-2 7-1-2 Won 2

Tuesday night San Jose visits Nashville. Dallas begins the first of back2back road games in Edmonton and Calgary. On Wednesday our Ducks host the slumping Washington Capitals while the Hollywood Hosers travel to Ohio for a game against the suddenly streaking Blue Jackets.

Many pundits and bloggers are in the prediction business. Not me. I’m in the wow business. I honestly don’t recall a tighter race.

In the Western Conference many are writing off the Colorado Avalanche and have put the St. Louis Blues on life support. The Avs have lost 8 straight but jeez a 5-6 winning streak puts them right back in the hunt. The Blues are 7 points behind the current 8th seed Flames but have 4 GIH.

Phoenix with 24, has the fewest games left. That is 48 available points. Every other team has 25 or more games to lay and more than 50 available points.  There is certainly time for even Colorado to make up the 5-6 games or 10-12 points they need.

The crystal ball gazers might turn out to be correct but it seems a silly way to try and earn some cred. Me? I’m not predicting a thing. I’m just enjoying the ride.


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