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The St. Louis Blues have easily made the most important trades if not the most noise. Obviously St. Louis is planning for the future and realigning the present moving out veteran and captain Eric Brewer and former No. 1 2006 Entry Draft pick Erik Johnson ins separate trades.

Brewer and Johnson were the Blues ATOI leaders. It just doesn’t get any more gutsy than trading your top two D-men.To Tampa Bay: Eric Brewer

To St. Louis: Brock Beukeboom; 2011 3rd round Entry Draft pick

An Eastern Conference contender trades some future for the present. St. Louis is calling it a season after being decimated by injuries to their top 6 forwards. The Bolts get a pending UFA top 4 D-men now for an eighteen year old with 3-4 D potential.

The Skinny: This was really a salary dump by the cash strapped Blues.

To Colorado: Erik Johnson; Jay McClement; conditional 1st round Entry Draft

To St. Louis: Chris Stewart; Kevin Shattenkirk; conditional 2nd round Entry Draft pick.

Yes Erik Johnson is a bit of a disappointment early in his career. Chris Stewart has slumped since returning from a broken hand.  Shattenkirk gives the Blues a good young offensive D-men. McClement is among the more under the radar better defensive forwards in the game. Avs move up a few spots in the draft.

The Skinny: A fascinating trade because the Blues have changed their core. No question the addition of Stewart skating alongside Backkes & Oshie gives the Blues perhaps the best power forward line in the NHL. Younger but certainly comparable to our Ducks top line.

Kevin Shattenkirk has slumped of late. His potential is undetermined. Is he a top 4 or a top 6 who can QB a PP unit? Is Shattenkirk a Lubomir Visnovsky or an Ian White?

McClement is a great fit on the strong down the middle Avalanche.

Make no mistake though, Avs win hands down. Anytime you get a potential Norris Trophy quality D-man you do it. If Johnson doesn’t pan out, oh well, you still make this trade all day long. Blues gave up on Johnson way too soon.

To Boston: Tomas Kaberle

To Toronto: Joe Colborne, Boston’s 1st round 2011 Entry Draft pick; 2012 conditional second round Entry Draft pick.

Leafs get the conditional second round if the pending UFA Kaberle re-signs with Boston. This another now for later trade between an Eastern Conference contender and a non-playoff team. Burke isn’t dumping vets though. He’s acquiring and according to Burkey, Leafs are still contending for the playoffs this year blah blah blah.

The Skinny: This a great haul for a 32-year-old, one-dimensional, pending UFA D-man. Joe Colborne is a big potentially top 6 forward all teams covet. he’s in the Big Joe Thornton mold meaning Colborne is a soft perimeter player. I grade trades on the here and now. Some people claim to have the ability to see the future. My foresight is limited to the sun rises in the east, sets in the west and yes she will but probably not with me. Here and now Bruins win this trade. Maybe they won’t at sometime in the future. With Kreji, Bergeron, Peverly and Seguin down the middle, it’s unlikely that the Bruins will ever miss Colborne.

To Atlanta: Blake Wheeler; Mark Stuart

To Boston: Rich Peverly; Boris Valabik

This is another salary dump by the Bruins to make room for Kaberle. In Peverly, Bruins get a hard-working, productive 3rd line center who can also play right wing. Boris Valabik is strictly an enforcer unless and until he improves his skating.

The Skinny: Right now Rich Peverly is the best player in this deal. Applying the Sam Pollock rule, Bruins win. BTW, Pollock had two rules on trading players in the NHL, (1) Whoever gets the best player in multi-player trades wins, (2) You don’t trade away draft picks, you acquire them.

Stuart is depth D-man but his acquisition will give the gossip girls plenty of Bogosian and now Sopel speculation. Is Blake Wheeler an under-achiever or a budding power forward going through a sophomore slump? Rick Dudley doesn’t make these kinds of mistakes often. One problem is that Atlanta doesn’t have a great play making pivot.

To Ottawa: Craig Anderson

To Colorado: Brian Elliot

When was the last time teams swapped their current No. 1 goaltenders? Seems a bit like the NHL’s version of Trading Places.

The Skinny: Anderson is the better goalie. Sens win this one.

To Montreal: Paul Mara

To Anaheim: 5th round 2011 Entry Draft selection.

The Skinny: Ducks get something for a guy who probably wasn’t going to crack the lineup. Mara returns to a team he knows. Given the Habs injury situation he’ll probably get to play.

Oilers have placed Sheldon Souray on re-entry waivers. Anybody can take him for half price. is reporting his salary at 4.25 million. CapGeek shows Souray to be a $5.4 million cap hit. His contract has another year to run. Will anybody pay that price for a guy who hasn’t looked good in the AHL?

  1. czhokej says:

    Good post.
    bc, I would like to ask your permission to quote you at OCR blog – since you do not go anymore. I hope you are OK.

  2. czhokej says:

    I mainly wanted to mention what you said the other day (after the winning streak):
    ” A coaches biggest challenge when everything is going well is to do less. …. Randy Carlyle is not a guy who can do less. Even when less is more. ”

    You were right – he started changing things, he got overconfident. Instead of solid tight defense, he started playing open games, trading chances, no backchecking, etc.

    • BackCheck says:

      It’s something I decided to chronicle a bit cz. I couldn’t put my finger on it but it seemed that when we’d start a winning streak it would end abruptly as Carlyle got more active, more involved and changing things up.

      Not only is he rolling 7 D-men. Where’s Dan Sexton who was developing some sweet chemistry with McMillan? Nobody in hockey, except for Randy Carlyle thought for a minute that Ruutu would play on the 3rd line.

      Not only has Carlyle changed the entire D pairings. He’s also changed the 3rd & 4th lines. But the most incredible part of all this is that the team had gone 14-4 right before he made all these changes.

      So thanks cz, that’s what I was trying to get at. As per your usual you made the post and this board better.

  3. czhokej says:

    Lappy, McMillan and Sexton looked like a good energy line. Carlyle should have started forming (developing) shut-down line, strong PK group with Ruutu. (Actually – that should have started during the training camp and not before the end of the season.)

  4. BackCheck says:

    Good Morning cz,

    I was surprised when St. Louis included Jay McClement in the Johnson for Stewart trade. Jay is among the better checking line centers in the game. He can also play wing and scores in the double digits.

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