PreGame PostUp: Detroit @ Anaheim

Posted: 03/02/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

Game four of this seven game homestand finds our Ducks 1-1-1 for a P% of .333. Kind of dysfunctional for a team that had been killer at home and a very accommodating visitor. How many times in the past few years have we all said a home stretch cures all ills. Not only have we fans come to expect good things during a home stretch but the entire and the media covering our Ducks had come to expect same.

And now, as fast and fleeting as a Janet Jackson garment malfunction our Ducks are suddenly world beaters on the road and losers at home. In their last ten road games our guys are 7-3. At home our team has gone 1-4-1 in their last six at the Honda Center. Prior to this role reversal our Ducks had earned a stellar 17-6-1 home record that has fallen to a merely good 18-10-2.And of course wouldn’t you know that just when things aren’t going to well the suddenly hot and healthy Detroit Red Wings show up. Detroit has won 2 straight road games; is a stellar 22-8-2 on the road this season; netminder Jimmy Howard is 10-0-0 in his last 12 road starts and even more intimidating the Red Wings 3-0 against our Ducks and have outscored us 13-4 for a minus-9 goal differential in just 3 games.

At least we have the due factor going for us. Wings are due for a road loss and our Ducks our due for a home win.

We’re also more physical than the Wings especially following the addition of Brad Winchester. The question is, can we beat on them early enough to slow them down enough so that we can outscore them? We sure as heck aren’t going to fare well if we try to run and gun and trade scoring chances with these guys.

A well placed knee to the inside of a thigh is usually good for a charlie horse.

Look for Coach Carlyle to send his bash and crash lines (Top & Energy Lines) out against the Wings top two D pairings with a view toward softening and slowing them up. If we achieve that, Carlyle will then mix it up by throwing our speedier lines out against the Wings Top 4 D. But SHHH, RC’s game plans are Top Secret. Nobody is supposed to know just what that wascally wabbit will think of next.

Brian Rafalski is out with back spasms and not expected to play tonight. Jonas Hiller took shots for 45 minutes but told the OCR’s Curtis Zupke “I still have the symptoms and I still don’t feel right. It still feels like I’ve got something slowing me down and it seems like I’m always behind the play. It doesn’t hurt or anything, but it’s definitely not a nice feeling.”

Corey Perry who was hit with a puck during Monday’s practice is expected to play. When Girls Who Love Hockey blogger Jenelyn Russo will miss this one but she did a great job covering the Ducks at Knotts. Suz Broughton will be in attendance doing her best to either raz or ignore a couple of gal friend Wings fans. BTW we have to get the “Girls” at the same game this year. Jenelyn tells me our Ducks are 2-0 when both “When Girls Love Hockey” bloggers are in attendance. Saku Koivu is day-to-day and could be a game time decision.

Beating the Wings would give the team one hack of boost. Go Ducks!!!


Eric Stephens
icemancometh Eric Stephens
Koivu said he can’t go tonight. Brandon McMillan again figures to center second line.
  1. buick22 says:

    Only way to beat the Wings is to separate players from pucks, repeatedly. The Kings tried to beat them in a stick battle and lost, every time someone tried to carry it across the neutral zone, there were two backchecking Wings, and one forcing them a direction. We have to get bodies on them, and pinch them in to the half wall coming into our end, Paul Mara’s specialty. We have to be physical, not cheap or fight filled, just a good forecheck, and containing D….our offense has to have quick passes, no lazy backhands or standstill looky loos, Datsyuk is out there, ready to steal it.

    • BackCheck says:

      Holy cats buick22 wow, what a post. If you don’t mind, I’m just smiling and enjoying your eye for the game. It’s one thing to get it and another to communicate it.

      Thanks Bud, you just kicked this blog up a notch. And yes I did fix a typo for ya, lol.

  2. buick22 says:

    thanks, it was ridiculous to watch how often the cameraman would pan with the play and three or four wings would be in the frame, the ley is their skating, the get going either direction as soon as it changes, their PP always has someone on a track through the slot with a screener to the edge of the net, so even if it hits him, the cutter can tap any rebounds, they play an offense similar to Phil Jackson’s triangle in BB. At least in the way the D has to react to it.

  3. czhokej says:

    There ised to be a thing I called Carlyle’s triangle offense: 1 guy half-boards, 2nd in the corner, 3rd behind the goal, several passes, no shots, nobody in front of the goal, and no backchecking when they lost the puck. We may still see it from time to time.
    Yes, Detroit is a skating team, they can outnumber opposition at the both ends.

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