Syracuse Crunches Ducks Management

Posted: 03/02/2011 by bc in Uncategorized
Apparently I’m not the only one questioning Bob Murray’s professionalism. Remember last season how much complaining Murray did about how difficult it was without an AHL  affiliate? You’d think after that experience Ducks GM Bob Murray would put a higher priority on his word to to the Syracuse Crunch. Perhaps not. In law this is called breach of contract and fraudulent inducement among other things. The OCR Ducks Blog, our Ducks media outlet of record, has contacted the Ducks management for a response. As of this posting, our Ducks either have nothing to say or don’t know what to say. It’s a safe bet legal would be involved in crafting a written statement.
Syracuse Crunch President and CEO Howard Dolgon has issued the following statement.
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  1. buick22 says:

    Been on this story all season, it just kept building and building, one fanbase no matter how loyal, (and they are!) can take getting kicked while they are down repeatedly before they revolt (and they are!) visit the Post Standard blog @ for an earful, I have been waiting for Murray to step up, but he keeps screwing them over, and seems to have been oblivious to the fact they have been getting pummeled with some decent players on the roster…making bad trades, and leaving them w/ the unready GK they had, and not fixing it when they didn’t progress. He did some good things, but not enough and way too late.What really sucks is they have good fans, and they were optimistic as all get out, and then were crushed, I hope they turn it around, we need our best prospects in SYR, not Winnipeg, where the VAN foks can whisper to the big club and woo them away, remember Glencross??.

    • BackCheck says:

      Lindsay Kramer, who covers the Crunch for the Post-Standard described the mood in the front office as preparing for a lawsuit.

      Dolgon’s prepared statement sure as heck reads like a cause of action for breach of contract and fraud and/or fraudulent inducement.

      What’s your sense of it buick22? Is this merely a PR stunt in response to a restless fan base? A negotiating tactic? Is Dolgon positioning the Crunch to end the Agreement with our Ducks after less than one full season?

  2. buick22 says:

    He might be, Howard is a straight shooter, and one that does not shy away from the pressure. The reality is ANA currently has another year, and legal action notwithstanding, that won’t change overnight. I think the fan base has a reason to be ticked, and the Samueli’s sent their daughter out there to help oversee, I have not seen hide nor hair of her sine the first week of the affiliation, maybe she is behind the scenes, but one has to think she is at the least telegraphing all this discord to the southland. The fact is Coach Holick made some really questionable choices, and since mum is the word from him, everyone is left to speculate and that leads to no good result. Holick made a bad impression and has done nothing to endear himself to anyone. He was aloof and awkwardly uncomfortable at a fan/team mixer, and then blew up at a game during a game, and screamed expletives in front of children to some season ticket holders, he kind of explained that he was standing up for his guys when the fans began booing after a one period of bad play, in a season full of uninspired periods of play. The real issue with him is the results on the ice, or lack thereof…their fans are just like ours, every game doesn’t have to be a win, but the laughers they have endured were the result of lazy non-energetic games, where the only guys trying were Sexton, Beleskey etc…guys who would soon leave SYR. The other things were the trading of their top scorer for a D man we took here, and another top guy traded for similar players that never panned out..good out=bad in…not a good equation…the list goes on, but I have a game to watch. My take is this…if we want to foster an environment for our prospects to learn our system, and the style of hockey we strive to play, we should have a coach, and staff in place to make that happen, and get all our talent in one place. How many times have we seen a prospect come through and not get the time of day from RC, it flies in the face of success, they need to be promoted from within, so when they are ready they can jump up with a clue of what their role might be, regardless if they are a Marchant, or Getzlaf, or Lydman in the making, they all have roles, and they should start at that level so they aren’t blown away when they get here. It is unfair to our team and to the players and afns in SYR when we have them marching to a different beat. i think Holick was under prepared, or the prospects were a raw-er? ;eve; f talent than expected. Also the GK situation is glaring….The Crunch players have skill, they have beaten the best, and phoned in games where they were blasted by the other lat -place team in the league….That last part is a mental thing that both teams have in common at times, playing to their competition, that is why this year I go to the games where a Det, or Van is in town, it guarantees effort. I have seen them lose to the bottom feeders several times, I hate to think we are satisfied letting that happen to SYR too.

    • BackCheck says:

      Hey Bud,

      Great post and let’s not forgot that a significant part of Dolgon’s grievance is the lack of experience in Ducks personnel. IIRC this is Holik’s first season as a head coach at a professional level.

      I wouldn’t rule out a legal action, especially if the Crunch pickup a new suitor in need of an AHL affiliate. Phoenix and Florida are two very real possibilities.

      Severability aside, our Ducks will come off as totally pathetic attempting to enforce a contract that they’ve breached.

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