PostGame PostUp: Canucks 3 Ducks 0

Posted: 03/06/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

Each of Ducks players looked like Frank Clank out there. If you’ve ever seen or heard gears grind, stubbed a toe or tripped over your own feet or you’ve walked face first into a glass door, you’ve had your own Frank Clank moment. Occasionally in group behavior an entire team can contract Frank Clank Syndrome.

The only good thing about Frank Clank Syndrome is that nobody who saw tonight’s game can say our guys weren’t on the same page.No doubt Randy Carlyle will talk about a failure to execute, not getting enough traffic in on Canucks rookie goaltender Cory Schneider and not getting in on the forecheck. All this is true of course as an accounting of the game.

No doubt Cam Fowler is beating himself up for the giveaway that led to Malhotra’s first goal of the game. He should of course. That maybe was the Frank Clank of the game with Andreas Lilja’s deflection that went 5-hole on Ellis. Putting a game like this behind you isn’t easy. Fowler won’t remember the great play he made breaking up a 2 on 1 with the Sedin Twins racing in on him.

That’s the second 5-hole goal on Ellis in his five games with our Ducks. Whatever happened to goalie’s laying the stick paddle up to protect the 5-hole?

The bad bounces weren’t limited to our Ducks own end of the ice. Not by a long shot. If he did once Cory Schneider must have looked back half a dozen times expecting to see the black biscuit in his net. On one Selanne sizzled caught the shaft of Schneider’s goal stick, bounced off a back, either Winchester or Hamhuis and deflected safely over and behind the net. Another 3-4 rebounds off Schneider’s pads rocketed straight out through  the slot away from our forwards.

It was a game in which the puck bounced away from our Ducks and to the Nucks. Give Vancouver full credit. they bore down and handled the bouncing biscuits on their sticks. It was Vancouver that moved the puck quickly to avoid the Ducks forecheck.

Sorry this one took so long. I’ve got one eye on a compelling character study called The Shipping News, with Kevin Spacey. Boring unless you enjoy character studies.

As always here are the post game interviews from ADHN.

Oh almost forgot. It was CHOC Night at the Honda Center. If you’ve got an extra buck or two give it up here. The dollar you give may save teh life of a child.

  1. czhokej says:

    It was interesting to compare the game against the Wings and against the Nucks. I somehow thought that RC actually outcoached Babcock, with solid defense and physical game. I cannot say the same about Canucks game, because Vancouver looked better organized. It was exciting to watch that the Canucks don’t just gave the puck away (throwing it into the offensive zone) when there is no room for passing or to carry the puck. Instead, they played it back to their Ds, all five of them went back and quite often, and we had to chase the puck. But of course, we could not play defense first, because we were behind from the very beginning of the game. Also impressive was their (Nucks’) discipline and coverage, substituting for each other in front of their own goal.

    • BackCheck says:

      Hey cz, There are times when I wish our guys would just eat it instead of tossing it to some “safe area.”
      Can a poor skating team, line or 5-man unit can play a puck possession game?

  2. czhokej says:

    I still remember your words about the “puck management and “puck possession”, because we dump it too often (for a line change, out of desperation or just to get some breathing room). I mean the puck possession should be considered something precious, valuable. I also remember teams that were able to play PK with a puck possession strategy – it’s demanding, requires technical players, and speed. Of course it was easier on Olympic size rings.

    • BackCheck says:

      Hey cz, yeah I was speaking as a player, not a coach. As a young player I hated having to do it. If you didn’t need a change take it to the net. One of the earliest maxims I learned in hockey is, “The shortest distance to the net is a straight line.”

      Note to bb, one of my first lessons learned involved geometry 😉

      I realize either system can be effective. In terms of enjoyment though, there’s nothing prettier, more thrilling and deflating to the opposition than scoring off the rush or a tic, tac toe play.

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