PostGame PostUp: Rangers 2 Ducks 5

Posted: 03/10/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

Note: A couple of factual errors occurred in the PreGame PostUp. Obviously Marian Gaborik did play and Saku Koivu came off the IR at the last-minute. I use mostly mainstream media sources but today I didn’t take the time to confirm with a second source. Sorry for the confusion.

With that ‘DUH’ out of the way our Ducks were on the edge of falling 4 points off the playoff pace but held their own with the 5-2 win over the New York Rangers.The game started well while our Ducks dominating physically and territorially for the first few minutes. Our team just doesn’t do anything the easy way though. NY potted the all important first goal of the game by turning a very sloppy Ducks change on the fly into a 3 on 2 odd man attack.  The Rangers executed flawlessly on the rush drawing both Lilja, Fowler and Ellis to the left side which opened up the right lane for Dubinsky. As our trio of Ducks were committed left a quick pass from Anisimov to Callahan to Dubinsky, which Doobie took on his backhand and passed to his forehand before burying the biscuit top shelf.

At various times this season and last such a bad break would have destroyed our Ducks. They weren’t so fragile on this night. With the drop of the puck our guys climbed back on the horse and continued to dominate physically and territorially.

The effort paid off at 7:34 of the first when Corey Perry fought through a Marc Staal check, came out of the corner and backhanded the biscuit into the slot where it bounced in off Dan Girardi. At the end of period Pears told Kent French that, “It hasn’t been going to well. I just wanted to do something different and threw it at the net.”

Our Ducks, who couldn’t get any favorable bounces against Vancouver on Sunday, would get another less than two minutes later. Girardi whipped the puck around his own net on a breakout but Perry and Ryan turned the play into a scrum along the boards. Ryan dug the puck out, passed it back to Lydman who tossed it East/West along the blue line that Visonvsky one timed into the net.

What happened next is open to some debate. Some say it was a knuckleball type of shot that defied the laws of physics. If you accept this theory than the puck slowed down, turned in midair, bounced off the ice and into the net behind Lundqvist. Call it the magic puck theory.

Another school of thought is the puck went in off the shoulder of Marc Stall. My own theory is that it went off Marc Staal’s stick.

You can look at the replay and decide for yourself. I tried to cue the Ducks Recap video at the moment Girardi whips the puck around the net. Hopefully, you can pick it up at that point and decide for yourself.

Visnovosky scored again at 19:19 of the first and this one is even bizarre. Visnovsky makes a tape to tape firs past pass to Teemu on a breakout. Flash races over the blue line sees Rangers on him and curls towards the boards drawing both Rags toward him and opening a shooting lane for the trailer, Visnovsky. Lubo lets his patented slap shot leave his stick. The puck than hits the shaft of Asinimov’s stick, bounces high and hard off the ice and sails over Lundqvist’s shoulder.

The first period ends Ducks 3 Rangers 1. Ducks are definitely getting the bounces. Something else and it’s worth watching. Our Ducks did a much better job of bearing down the puck. They were handling the puck well tonight. Wondering if there are nexus there?

The scored held at 3-1 throughout the second stanza. The Rangers took a couple of frustration type penalties but our Ducks were unable to capitalize with the man advantage. Ducks continued to dominate physically and territorially. The Rangers were getting pushed outside to the perimeter and were beaten for the puck along the boards.

At about 2:10 of the 3rd Ellis made a save on a Ranger player shot form in close. The puck rebounded to far side and onto the stick Branden Dubinsky. Doobie fired, Ellis stopped the puck’s momentum with the paddle shaft of his stick then the biscuit bounced off Ellis arm and out. Visnovksy head manned to the puck Getzlaf who head manned to Perry. pears drew the attention and passed to Ryan who wristed it into the net.

That seemed to clinch it but as you know, our Ducks never make it easy. A second bonehead play led to the Rangers second goal. Kyle Chipchura played the puck after signaling a change for which we charged a bench minor. Marion Gaborik scored on the ensuing PP making it 4-2. The Rags got some new life after the play.

Rangers dominated on back to back shifts. Dubinsky nearly made it a one goal game but rang one off the outside of the post. Perry restored the 3 goal lead with 5:24 left. Pears bobbled a sweet feed from Bobby Ryan before poking it home.

It’s a Hooters Night now. And in memory of arguably the best sitcom ever made, per Jake, “If big boobed waitresses work at Hooters, where do one-legged waitresses work?” IHOP 🙂



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