PostGame PostUp: Blues 1 Ducks 2

Posted: 03/16/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

Our Ducks have moved ahead of Calgary and sit in the eighth seed tonight. The short story on the unusually low scoring contest is Jason Blake scored the goals at one end while Ray Emery stopped 30 Blues shots at the other end.

It was one of those ugly gut check type of wins. It seems of late that our guys are little tight out there. Maybe trying too hard and getting a little cute on with fancy Dan type stuff. And at the same time looking a little too shy about taking some risks that appear worth taking.For example, Ryan Getzlaf was charged with only two Giveaways on the evening. This is probably the result of some very ‘homer’ score keeping. Not unusual in the NHL or sport. Getz made at least 4 of those pretty tape to tape no look passes. The only problem was the tape was wrapped around a Blues player’s stick.

For the second consecutive game our guys were very tentative on the forecheck, preferring to play a trapping game instead. This is probably the result of guys being tense with the playoffs on the line. Not surprisingly, it was the Masterton Line that stuck most stuck to the game plan and it was them who scored both Ducks goals.

BTW the two goals were Blake’s 9th and 10th point in his last twelve games played. He has 4 goals 6 assists over that span. Teemu Selanne with an assist on Blake’s first goal moved him within 4 assists of catching Sergei Fedorov on the AllTime Assist Leader board.

Ray Emery played a simple but great hockey in his first start since 2009. Brain Hayward reported that following surgery which essentially rebuilt his hip, Emery was bed ridden for four months. I can only imagine how alone with his own thoughts that must have been for him. What a road back that man has traveled.

What struck tonight about Ray’s performance is how different each of goalies play. Emery made the first save and directed rebounds to his D-men or safe areas. He pretty much stayed in the net and didn’t handle teh puck much. His stick work, especially in the scrums is reminiscent of former Islanders great Billy Smith. No doubt a couple of Blues players went home with welts and bruises on their ankles, David Backes among them.

Our Ducks now have two days to great for a huge weekend that begins Saturday at Staples Center and then it’s on to the Saddledome on Sunday.

When Girls Love Hockey blogger Jenelyn Russo got off the schny tonight. Jenelyn packed up the entire family to attend the game. The Ducks win started a new When Girls Love Hockey win streak. Our guys are undefeated this season when the entire Russo family attends a game in March.

This link will take you to the post game interviews from ADHN.

  1. bbdux93 says:

    Please – someone – do not let Sutton play again. He plays like some timid girl! And, he is not Vish.

    Andy your job is to use your large body to pound the opponent into being afraid to spend much time in our defensive zone….. Someone needs to show him some videos of our 06/07 defensive work – maybe they could strat with the combined hit that Chris and Rob put on some unlucky fellow – that got Chris suspended. Andy try to approach that level of intensity and maybe – just maybe – we can call you a Ducks defenseman!

    While I’m on the subject of defensemen – Lydman is constant, effective and mostly, one of our unsung heros. Whatever his contact is – he needs to be resigned if it is set to expire at the end of this season.

  2. bbdux93 says:

    Regarding Lydman’s contract – he is under contrat for several years – that’s a relief.

  3. BackCheck says:

    lol, thanks for my morning chuckle bbdux93. While we’ve never met in real time I suspect you’re not confused with timid girls 😉 Not patronizing you bb, I genuinely find ranting/venting kinda funny even my own.

    Lubo & Toni are almost a perfect pairing. I loved their break up of one rush last night. Lydman took the man and Visnovsky scooped up the loose puck. Textbook hockey. I keep looking at Beauchemin/Sbisa and wonder if they will develop into a great 3-4 pairing, use in all situations. Very similar styles though Luca is a much better skater.

  4. jenelynrusso says:

    Having attended the game last night, I have to say, watching this team play in person was very underwhelming. The guy sitting next to me was literally nodding off at the end of the 1st. For a team that is supposed to be “clawing and scraping” to get into the playoffs, they did not look the least bit motivated. I don’t put that on RC. It’s on the players to get up for these games. This is what they play for, right? As usual, the Masterson Line comes to the rescue (these guys need to be talked about more. Seriously). And Emery’s play was a bright spot. I’m glad they won, and I’m glad they didn’t give up when they got behind, but this was supposed to be a game they should have won with no problem. They gave up 31 shots. Ugh. My brother, who was also in attendance, texted me from across the arena: “Does this look like a playoff team to you?” I had to answer honestly: “Nope.”

    • BackCheck says:

      Hey Jenelyn, oftentimes tentative play does look like a team is not motivated. As mentioned in the post, our guys are playing a more reactive as opposed to proactive style the past two games. Reactive, trap and counter-attack is not the first option on RC’s game plan. Proactive, get in on the forecheck, be strong on the puck is RC’s strategy.

      In pressure to win games teams will often play a more conservative, reactive style because the guys are afraid of making a mistake. Also in pressure games guys are oftentimes reading – thinking – reacting instead of reading/reacting instinctively because they are afraid of making a mistake.

      Not saying you’re wrong for calling out the motivation. Just offering a couple other reasons for the seemingly passive/tentative style of play.

      • jenelynrusso says:

        Fair enough. You know I don’t sit around every day calling out the team like this. But really, did that look to you like a team that is trying to make it to the playoffs? I understand there is little margin for error, but I wish there was some fire. Like the Masterton line plays with night in and night out (when they are together). I don’t understand enough about hockey to get the strategies and game plans. It mostly goes over my head. But I’ve seen this team play with the fire I’m talking about and I didn’t see it last night. Maybe having to play “Game 7” 20 times in a row is too much.

      • jenelynrusso says:

        Sorry, I keep misspelling Masterton. My bad.

  5. buick22 says:


    Masterton = Professional, thank god Koivu and Blake are back

    Getzlaf= The no look backhand giveaway special deliveryman (Someone should be fining him for each one of those) maddening!

    Winchester= Guy who was ready to beat the crap out of David Backes, but knew it would hurt his team..KUDOS

  6. bbdux93 says:

    Hye Buick – I agree 100% with your comments – Including Winchester understanding beating the opponent on the score board is far more effective, if not as gratifying as beating the snot out of them on the ice. He’s a keeper

  7. BackCheck says:

    Hey Jenelyn,

    Apparently only the moderator can edit comments so if you want some spelling or grammar changed just drop a note at and I’ll fix it. When it’s Buick22 I just fix it anyway if I notice because typo’s make him a go (((DOH))). Really, upsets his whole day 😉

    You ask the great question, “…did that look to you like a team that is trying to make it to the playoffs?”

    Long pause mulling that one over, at least ten minutes actually. Now I get it. You tend to question what beats under the chest while I’m trying to figure out what, if anything,is going on between their ears.

  8. […] unmeasurable of all. Let’s call it the heart & smarts stat for the recent back and forth Jenelyn Russo and I enjoyed following the Blues game. Well, I’ll let Russo speak for herself on the enjoyment part. It […]

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