PreGame PostUp: Anaheim @ Los Angeles

Posted: 03/19/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

The Ambience: Are the Ducks good enough to make the playoffs? If you asked this question before about the second week of December the answer would be no. The Ducks have followed a well established script this season. Dig a hole during the first half; try to dig themselves out in the second half. 

The Stakes: As always SoCal Hockey bragging rights are up for grabs. The Kings lead the six game season series with two wins after three games. The remaining three games will have a significant impact on the playoffs for each team. Whether or not either team makes it and the playoff seeding for each.I appreciate Kings fans believe their team is on the cusp of challenging for the Stanley Cup. That’s kind of humorous considering the reality. A two game swing and the Hollywood Hosers are in 9th place. With Nashville hosting Detroit, tonight could well be the first leg of such a swing.

Still, it’s easy to understand how Kings fans confuse mediocrity with elite hockey. They’ve been cheering mediocrity for 43 consecutive NHL seasons.

Injuries: Other than Jonas Hiller, Ducks are injury free. Although Jonas did report some improvement and has participated in extended (for him) practices the past couple of days. Scot Parse remains on IR following hip surgery.

What to Watch: Passion! I learned that this week from a girl who admittedly doesn’t understand advanced hockey concepts. In a message board chat with When Girls Love Hockey blogger Jenelyn Russo she pointed out that our Ducks, “didn’t look like a playoff team.” Of course I had numerous “other factors involved” for the seemingly less than inspired play of late. Both Randy Carlyle and Teemu Selanne have mentioned it recently saying our guys “weren’t emotionally involved.”

On the other side of the puck Hollywood’s hockey team was booed off the ice at the end of second period amid a 4-0 drubbing by the lowly St. Louis Blues on Thursday night. Worse it was the suck wind side of back to back road games for the Blues.

Jenelyn Russo is right. This game will be won the team that best puts its thoughts, pressure and psycho-babble aside and goes out and takes it. Dang, shown up and humbled by a girl, again. Jeez eh.


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