With Ten Games to Go….

Posted: 03/21/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

One point separates 5th from 9th place in the Western Conference. Two points distinguish 5th from 10th. Phoenix hold on 4th place is tenuous at best as the Coyotes, with 2 fewer games remaining, enjoy a 3 point lead on Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville and are 4 points up on Anaheim and Dallas.

Even a stumble, like a modest two game losing streak is likely to be the difference between making the playoffs, playing in the World championship and golfing.

This week our Ducks hit the road for games against 3 of the 4 teams separated by one point in the Western Conference standings. First stop is Dallas on Wednesday which is on Central Daylight Time but is slotted in the Pacific Division. Our Ducks then cross into the Eastern time zone for the second of back to back road games against Nashville. The schedule makers generously afforded our guys a travel day before facing off against Chicago on Saturday.

And last night against the Flames, Brian Hayward said a dozen or so times our guys looked leg-weary. What will 3 games in 4 nights spread across 2 time zones do to them? I’ll be thrilled if we come out of this with 4 points.

Dallas is of course a must win. Nashville and Chicago are need to win. Or in the parlance of teenage romance, do you like or like-like, Dallas is a double ‘must’ win while Nashville and Chicago are single ‘must’ win games.

If you still think the 3 point game makes sense, consider that it has reduced us all to teenage romance metaphors. No wonder they call it a kid’s game.

  1. ffe155 says:


    Some encouraging words this last week about Hiller’s progress. If Hiller comes back for the playoffs what are the options for Ellis and Emery?

    Emery is on a two way contract, so that gives the Ducks more flexibility with him than they have with Ellis. If Emery outplays Ellis down the stretch, would the Ducks have to waive Ellis to keep Emery and Hiller on the roster during the play-offs?

  2. BackCheck says:

    Hey ff155 a bit of an odyssey but found your answer. The short answer is, if/when Hiller returns that all 3 goalies can remain on the playoff roster.

    Per Article 16 Section 16.4(a) on page 83 of the CBA there is no limit to playoff roster size so long as those on the expanded playoff rosters are qualified under Article 50.

    • ffe155 says:

      Thanks for doing the research. That’s good news and one less decision for management to wrestle with. Now…just need to finish strong.

  3. ffe155 says:


    Nice playoff grid on the Stars’ website at: http://stars.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=555351 Shows the standings and all WC teams next five games.

    Link at the bottom of the grid to playoffstatus.com is definitely worth a look. Nice statistical breakdown of each teams chances and a look at remaining strength of schedule.

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