Humongous Win: Avs 4 Ducks 5

Posted: 03/28/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

After a forgettable first period that ended with our Ducks trailing Colorado 2 zip John Michael Liles squeezed his hand on a puck in the Avs crease. The play resulted in a penalty shot to Teemu Selanne. Teemu froze Brian Elliot with a dropped shoulder fake, took a step and placed a perfect shot right where Momma hides the cookies.

Less than 3 minutes later Jason Blake would pull our Ducks even banking one in off the skate of Erik Johnson. The Masterton Line was just getting started.Blake’s tally was vintage line just the way Coach Carlyle draws them up. The Flashy Finns, Koivu and Selanne combined for a chip and chase that Teemu slipped to Blake who wraps around attempting to flip the puck back through the crease to Koivu until Johnson’s foot deflected it in behind Elliot.

Teemu gave the Ducks their first lead of the night at 9:01 of the second. Cam Fowler shot off a Saku Koivu feed rebounded to Erik Johnson in the low slot. Johnson sent a no look backhander right on Teemu’s tape with Elliot offering half the net. Selanne doesn’t miss those cherries.

Ducks should hire Twitter Tweeter Shadow of the Bat. The guy has more stats than the Anaheim Ducks and OCR combined. Tonight he pointed out  that Cam Fowler’s next goal would make him the tenth Ducks player to score then or more goals this season. Shadow also found that:

Dark Knight
ShadowOftheBat Dark Knight

Selanne scored his 500th and 600th goals and 700th assist against Colorado

The Avs weren’t done though as David Jones slipped behind Luca Sbisa and roofed one on Razor Ray. Sbisa was short shifted following the play. Luca went over the boards just 3 times after that play.

Cam Fowler put the Ducks ahead to stay. Teemu completed the hat-trick and his 5 point night at 15:11 of the 3rd. Following the game Selanne told Kent French, “We wanted to give the Big Line a night off. They deserved it.”

Our Ducks have now positioned themselves to put the Flames away with a win in Calgary on Wednesday night.

  1. ffe155 says:

    Huge win and great comeback.

    I like the line-up tweaks that RC has made – Beleskey on the 3rd line and Fowler-Brookbank as the 3rd D pairing. Nice adjustments on the PP with Fowler sliding down low more – shades of Scotty.

    Time to put a nail in the Flames coffin.

    BC – I know it’s premature, but what are you thoughts on potential play-off pairings? Two teams worry me – Nashville and Detroit. Nashville because of their team speed, D and Rinne. Detroit because of their frontline depth and the Joe factor.

    • BackCheck says:

      Good eye ffe155. Yes, Cam & Brooksie seem to have something going. More than Lilja or Sutton. Maybe it’s in part Brookbank is a better skater than either of the vets. Maybe it’s in part that Brookbank is a more rounded or complete player than either Sutton or Lilja. I also like Sheldon as a forward meaning IMO he stays in the lineup, somewhere.

      Yes and no on Belesky. Yes when we need his tenacity and grit. No when we need the flash and dash that Sexton brings. I fear Sexton is going to get away from us and that one day we’ll regret it. Could be wrong, he could be another Stanislov Christov, I’m just not ready to give up on him.

      Your ears were ringing or yer wearin’ a Carnac hat Bud. Have a draft post started this morning titled, “Just how good are these Ducks, anyway?” As part of that I began looking at possible pairings. Detroit seems to be limping into the playoffs this year. They can’t seem to stay healthy but are always dangerous. Nashville has had our number this season taking 3 of 4 with a plus-6 goal differential. Vancouver is the most complete and deepest team among all the entries. San Jose is peaking at the right time. Los Angeles? Even when healthy this has been a very streaky team. Hard to figure. Phoenix and Chicago will be very tough outs. Calgary is tough physically plus Kiprusoff and Dallas can really burn you.

      Yeah, I think yer right about Detroit and Nashville being our toughest opponents. We match-up well against everybody else. San Jose would be tough because of our history. Then again do you get the idea the Guppies could be just a tad rattled if something goes wrong in that OMG not again kinda way? Seeing us in the first round would disturb the bejeebers in them, no? It could also motivate and inspire them as well.

      Do you like how our Ducks have come together this season? what do see as the keys to their success, which really began in December with a couple missteps along the way? Even if we somehow miss the playoffs, everybody including Barstool Bob and Elmer genuinely deserve a measure of credit. I’ve especially appreciated how well and how often Coach Carlyle has credited his players during this stretch run.

      Typically, honestly and simply it seems as though this team has finally discovered itself by acquiring its identity. Corey Perry has said it best, “Ducks hockey means we just keep battling.”

      • ffe155 says:


        No doubt the Ducks have been on a roll since late December but I think there were some early moves that were key in paving the way for the second half success.

        1. The growing maturity of RPG. They were rightly called to task for the needless penalties after the 3rd game of the season debacle in St. Louis. Sure they still take some bad penalties, but they no longer display the bouts of immaturity that were quick to show in past seasons. The team as a whole has also responded with less careless penalties.

        2. BM pulling the trigger quickly when things weren’t working and making changes to the line-up. The early addition of Lilja helped shore up the D after the rocky start and we all know about the recent moves. Lots of folks screamed when Carter was put on waivers and got picked up by the Canes. Wonder how many know that he’s now with Florida?

        3. RC’s confidence to play youngsters like Sbisa, MacMillian, Sexton, and Fowler and let them grow.

        4. The change in PK philosophy that put Corey, Bobby, and other top line talent on the ice.

        5. Of course, can’t ever forget the play of Hiller in the first half as you pointed out on many occassons. He held down the fort and allowed the team to jell. Hope that he can come back soon to reap some of the benefits that he laid the groundwork for.

  2. jenelynrusso says:

    Not a bad game as a first for me and Suz, huh? First penalty shot and Teemu hatty for me. As far as match ups, I agree, Detroit would be tough but Nashville tougher. Vancouver & San Jose don’t scare me for some reason– maybe because they don’t scare the Ducks. Shades of 2009 ……..

  3. BackCheck says:

    Hey Jenelyn;

    SlashSkater BackCheck
    Ducks are now a perfect 1-0 When Girls Love Hockey bloggers sit together at Honda Center. Why no pics girls? And are Ducks are 4-1 when the Girls are in the barn. Not too shabby.

    Teemu’s penalty shot electrified the team. I hope every youth coach copies this, passes it out to kids and talks about it. From OCR’s Jeff Miller :

    “This might sound unrealistic, but I think I can almost tell you all the goals I have scored,” he (Teemu) said. “That’s how I practice goal scoring. After the games, before I go to sleep, I just go through that goal, how it happened. And I go through the chances when I didn’t score and think about what I was supposed to do. That’s a process where I try to get better with those situations.”

    BTW, I had a coach who practiced us in visualization technique before every game.

  4. BackCheck says:

    Mind if I add to your excellent post ffe155?

    6. Moving J.S. Giguere changed how we defend in our own end. Jiggy didn’t like his teammates blocking shots. His thing is let me see the shot. Bob Murray was very specific about bringing in D-men (Lydman, Sutton and Lilja) who are known for shot blocking. This as much or more than anything else forced us to move away from the “pressure the puck carrier” Chinese fire drill type defensive scheme.

    7. Secondary scoring. With Cam Fowler’s next goal these Ducks will have ten players with ten or more goals. By comparison our Ducks Stanley Cup winning team had nine. As Teemu’s five point night and Lubo’s recent hat trick prove, this is more than a one line team.

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