PostGame PostUp: Kings 1 Ducks 2

Posted: 04/08/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

Like the proverbial face only a mother could love, this was a game only the most ardent of Ducks fans could appreciate. That’s the way it is though with low scoring, close checking play along the boards hockey games.

Ducks started tight and mistake prone. Our guys were incredibly maybe even unbelievably sloppy in our end. They gave the Kings every chance in the world to go up by 3-4 goals. At times it was Dan Ellis. Other times Toni Lydman blocking shots. Sometimes it was Ryan Getzlaf muscling the Hollywood Hosers off the puck. Most of the time though it was  a Kings team that lacks the ability to finish a play. Kings managed just 3 shots during two power plays.

Overall Ducks goalie Dan Ellis was good, lucky on a partial breakaway by Stoll and great while snagging a quick wrister from Simmonds.

At the other end Jonathon Quick was stellar. He had to be. Our Ducks did it the hard way, losing 30 of 54 faceoffs and having to force a turnover or takeaway. Ultimately our guys did, out shooting the Kings 28-24 and holding a severe territorial advantage in play. In hindsight that 30-24 faceoff margin seems like a homer count.

Kings frustrated our Ducks executing a neutral zone trap and collapsing 5 guys low around Quick. Ducks showed their now trademark ‘battle” and gutted out the win.

Tonight it was Teemu Selanne who tickled the twine behind Quick for both Ducks goals. It’s been all Pears or the Finnish Flash down the stretch. So much so Bobby Ryan’s scoring slump has gone virtually unnoticed. During the past 15 games our Ducks have scored 48 times, Perry 19, Selanne 11 and Ryan only five.

Imagine if Perry stays and Selanne stay hot and Ryan gets the monkey off his back.

With the win our Ducks are in the playoffs. The seeding and playoff is yet to be determined.

The postgame interviews from ADHN feature Teemu Selanne, Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf and Head Coach Randy Carlyle.

Note: The move from West Covina to Crestline was far more time-consuming than I had imagined. This truly is God’s Country though. Certainly every bit as breathtaking as Alberta’s Lake Louise. Today’s snowfall was absolutely gorgeous.  And yes, I stepped out onto the balcony and caught a few snowflakes on my tongue. Now that we’re settled in, I don’t see anything keeping me from posting one or blogs per day as you’ve come to expect.

  1. czhokej says:

    It’s good to have your posts back! Did you move permanently?
    As expected – another quality analysis of the game. I wonder quite often what happened to Ryan – so much talent and he was so quiet lately, he cannot fake anybody anymore, he doesn’t get open, he doesn’t skate into prime scoring areas very often. His fabulous puck control is not there now.
    Getzy plays better now, but his 19 goals are well below the expectations. I like his physical plays, he improved his skating and backchecking, and I also like his passing most of the time, but his inability to find a shooting position is surprising and puzzling.
    We also have to consider that the Kings were without Kopitar and Justin Williams – in spite of that, their cycle was quite dangerous, they were creating chances, and their defense was very tight. The Ducks played their long outlet passes to the wingers on the offensive blue line, but again, the receivers were almost always standing still and they became an easy pray to the defenders. I do not criticize Carlyle lately, because we have improved a lot, and sometimes we play almost perfect hockey. However, yesterday Terry Murray outcoached him.

  2. czhokej says:

    I would like you to comment on Perry’ imrpovements.

    • BackCheck says:

      Hey again cz. Perry’s improvements? One part maturity, one part added responsibility, one part reading the plays perfectly and one part luck, in that order.

      Maturity – Pears isn’t taking any the stupid/selfish penalties.

      Added responsibility – PK duty has made him a more complete hockey player.

      Reading & reacting almost flawlessly – CP is anything but predictable anymore. Yes he’s getting it done ugly, mucking it up but he’s also creating a lot.

      Luck – Like Johnny bower said, “You’ve got to be lucky to be good and good to be lucky.”

  3. bbdux93 says:

    BC, Our mountains are truly beautiful. My family had a cabin near Seven Oaks and I spent many summers there as a kid, never learned to appreciate cold weather. 🙂

    I agree, our guys did not play well in the first period, glad they pulled out a win.

    The one team in the West that really worries me is Nashville. I don’t read others with the same concern, but this is a team IMO, that is quietly and convincely playing like a real contender… Whoever plays against them will need to bring their best game – for a full 60 minutes.

    • BackCheck says:

      Totally agree bbdux93. Nashville has great goaltending in Pekka Rhinne. Strong down the middle lead by Legwand & Fisher. The most unheralded D-man in hockey in Shea Weber. Overall the Predators blueline is very underrated. How many teams could lose a guy like Dan Hamhuis and improve?

      Last night on NHL on the Fly, Bill Berg said, “Nobody wants to face our Ducks in the first round of the playoffs.” He’s probably right but the Preds are my pick for the Cinderella/Sleeper team.

      My sense on our Ducks is that the prevailing opinion is that they’ve underachieved. You look at the roster and the results and it doesn’t quite balance out.

  4. BackCheck says:

    G’day czhokej,

    Would have been back Wednesday for the Sharks tilt but had a cementhead moment. Didn’t realize that the cable company, Charter, switched a few channels, among them KDOC. I listened to the audio stream, followed the Twitter conversation but didn’t feel I had enough of a feel for the game to post about it.

    BTW, props@you for nailing Teemu’s 30 goal season. IIRC, you penciled him in at 25-30 goals and I had him at 35+. Maybe he has a 5 goal game tonight?

    Bobby Ryan is in a bit of a prolonged slump. He has been drawing attention from some of the league’s top D-men. Jay Bouwmeester in the Flames games, Dan Boyle of the Sharks and Drew Doughty last night. Is it one part opposition teams scouting and keying on him and one part genuine slump?

    I hope the move is permanent. My preferences have always been the beach or the San Bernardino Mountains but the ocean is out of our reach price wise. We’ll see how Retired Hockey Mom makes it through a winter. One night last week, just as we were turning in we were overcome by skunk smell. It was rank. She looked at me with a wry grin and said, “Thanks for bringing me to the mountains, honey.”

  5. buick22 says:

    Glad to like it their, it was a great place to go to high school, and spend my teenage tears. If I would have stayed in Anaheim, and my whole life would have certainly been different. As for the game, I remember looking at SOG and we had none until the PP. B Ryan was skating after Dustin Brown, and Doughty in the first, and it seemed he was mesmerized as he followed two feet behind, and watched them pass through center ice, and enter our zone, I kept jamming the back check button down on my imaginary video game controller, but his stick never responded, he just watched, my controller failed again when he had two 4 x 6’s staring him in the face from the top of the crease and shot them both wide, one by about two feet. I sat behind the net for the first time, and saw great views of a few that Quick saved, and how close Stoll’s breakaway really was (inch, maybe two) from going in. I also got to see the Koivu assist to Teemu, and it was frickin really cool to see that happen live, Teemu is awesome! I usually sit in the corner, but this was a great view. I had to laugh at the stars of the game though…Getzlaf?? Not from where I was sitting, unless they hand one out for the guy who skated more than usual…which he did, and he actually played some D, this game, instead of watching from the circles. We only one about 5 face offs that mattered, so I would agree their numbers were way off. Marchant was needed out there, and I’ll bet RC never leaves his fourth line in for a offensive faceoff again, we could see the whole thing unfurl: 1 win face off, 2 Doughty holds while they get top line out there, 3 Stretch to Stoll, enter zone, overwhelm, and score first goal. I am glad they won, and it was a great game to watch, but we better start playing all facets of the game at every position, like Perry has been for the last three months, Getzlaf and Ryan better get some hugs over all the coverage Perry is attracting lately, cause they both were sleeping out there at times. I like all our possible match-ups for different reason these playoffs, for some reason I am craving Vancouver, as I like the thought of sending the Prez cup winner home in the first round, maybe payback for the embarrassing last home game vs them. Sorry to ramble all over, gotta go finish some stucco work on the house. Go Ducks

  6. buick22 says:

    geez “won” faceoffs, not one…freudian slip reference the stats…maybe.

  7. czhokej says:

    Game plan for tonight: do not get behind, better puck control, reduce the number of mistakes, win some face-offs, do not give the Kings too much time to collapse defensively, and to overcrowd the space in front of their goal. Another important part of the game plan should be to analyze Kings’ cycle, it was too dangerous, and with Carlyle’s aggressive defensive system, they were opening too many holes and shooting lanes.
    And those long outlet passes were mostly counterproductive.

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