Trust me, It Does Get Easier If…

Posted: 04/14/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

We change gears. Show them something different.

Over 5 games, season and playoffs, our Ducks have attempted to stretch the Predators out with the medium to long passing game. The result? We’re 1-4 and have outscored 21-12. While our Ducks have had some success and earned a territorial advantage in the first period, the gambit is obviously unsuccessful.

The reason is simple. Masterton Line aside, Nashville is a much faster team than our Ducks. The Preds clog that center lane, the primary passing lane, swarm and out number us at the point of the attack. That’s why we only got off a handful of one timers last night and few shots.

There are a couple-3 solutions.One, stay the course, pick up the tempo a notch and as Getzlaf said following the game, “We need to execute better.” I hope our Ducks brain trust thinks long and hard about staying the course. There’s something about 1-4 and outscored 21-12 that suggests it ain’t workin’.

Two, stay the course but change some of the personnel. We would get faster if we play Sexton and Bonino on the depth lines.

Third, and my preferred solution is to employ a shrink the rink strategy. Our Ducks one advantage is that our guys are stronger and more physical than are the Predators. We need to draw them into the small ice along the boards, in the corners and in the low slot and out muscle them.

We certainly have the personnel to play a small box, short gap between the forwards and D shrink the rink game. Forcing the Preds to battle mano-a- mano also plays to our strength not theirs.

The key to this strategy is to keep the gloves on by playing it clean and mean. Frustrate the Preds into taking the retaliatory shots and dropping the gloves first. Hopefully draw a penalty or two. This takes discipline and is born of sacrifice. IF our guys have shown one thing all year it’s that they are willing and able to sacrifice for each other.

Hey coach, we’re 1-4 and outscored 21-12. It’s time to adapt. You must adapt because you got those favorable matchups and result was the same. That has to show you that it’s strategy or system not personnel.

Mark Whicker gets it. He doesn’t say shrink the rink or crash the net. Whicker uses Teemu Selanne to explain why you don’t beat Rinne with shots.

  1. czhokej says:

    I just have read Carlyle’s evaluation of the game, and I have to say it, it sounded amateurish. Like a cliche. It may be a subjective evaluation, I admit, but I rather come here to get more reasonable and profound assessment.

    I mean it!

  2. BackCheck says:

    Thanks cz. Hockey fans trend higher on socio-economic measures than do fans of other sports. Based on anecdotal evidence I suspect this blog skews higher than the socio-economic norm for hockey generally.

    So I do make a conscious effort to write to a well educated audience. There are plenty of sites for cementheads. It’s not like they go underserved 😉

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