“I don’t hear no fat lady. You’re obsessed with the fat lady.”

Posted: 04/21/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

The subject line is taken from one of my fave movies, Independence Day. The main characters, Capt. Steven Hiller and David Levinson played by Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum respectively, thought they were dead for sure when suddenly their craft broke free of the alien ship’s grip and they made their escape.

And like “our delivery boys” (told ya I’m an ID 4 freak) our Ducks on the brink of going down 3-1 in this series, while all round including one of their own who questioned their heart and will, our Ducks rose up in one voice and declared, ‘We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on, we’re going to survive.’

And so our guys leave Nashville having reclaimed home ice advantage and reducing this series to a best of 3.And oh my how they did it. Remember that incredibly flawed dress seven D-men experiment? You remember that stretch when we couldn’t buy a win for love or money. When Coach earned more (((DOH’s))) than Donald Trump taking a polygraph? Yeah well Coach Carlyle went back to it and oh yeah we won with it.

Holy jumpin’ what a series. I suppose one answer is to credit Teemu and his rant. The team was embarrassed. It found its battle. It’s will to compete. It’s heart. Or, maybe the rebound had nothing to do with Teemu, the roster changes, lack of heart or will to win and everything to do with how this team responds when it’s on the brink? Maybe the Preds with their swarming and smothering style of support and bringing backside pressure simply overwhelmed our Ducks and got inside their our guys heads a bit?

Frankly, IMO it’s a bit of all three. Teemu’s rant was a needed wake-up call to shake the guys up and get the Preds out of their heads. To a man we raised the tempo of our game and carried the play to Nashville. As I called for at the start of this series, we executed the short passing game, played a short gap box and let the puck do the work.

Even though we raised the tempo we still, as a team, can’t out skate the Predators. Tonight we beat them with our passing game. we let the puck do what we couldn’t. The puck moves faster than a player. It’s what old school guys like yours truly call, “letting the puck do the work.”

Yes we can beat these Nashville Predators. It took four season games and three playoff games to figure out how. The thing is we have to beat them. They won’t quit. One way to look at last night’s 6-3 win is that we beat the Preds 3 times before they ran out of clock. Consider 2-0 became 2-2, 3-2 became 3-3 and finally 6-3 with 3 unanswered goals in the third.

So many times this season our Ducks booted games we should have known because we tried to protect leads rather than continue taking the play to the opposition. If our team takes one thing from this series. If there’s just one thing these Nashville Predators have taught our Ducks is that we can’t sit on leads. And when those series handshakes come along, we should thank these Predators for the lesson.

Of course this series won’t be without more drama. It could go into overtime in a seventh game. I truly now believe that our Ducks have figured out, paraphrase Gen. William Grey played by Robert Loggia “How to bring these Sons of Grumpy Mothers down.”

BTW, I cuss just not in public 🙂

Note: Family commitments and work conspired to keep me from blogging these past few days and two games. I can’t promise a pregame postup before Friday’s game but I will see the game and do the post game postup.

  1. bbdux93 says:

    For me the 3 best goals were MacMillian’s – pushing the defender aside & taking it to the net all alone, of course Teemu’s – this is what playing with heart at any age looks like and Corey – finally getting a goal – inspite of his constant “companions” the Preds defense.

    • BackCheck says:

      Pretty goals all bbdux93. Coach Carlyle said he thought they picked up on some flaws in Pekka Rinne. What I see from your 3 fave goals isn’t any flaw unique to Rinne though.

      Force the goalie to move first and pick a hole when he does. Rinne’s first move is always down. This opens the 5-hole that McMillan found. It also opens up the top shelf which Pears picked. IIRC, Flash’ goal was a deflection with traffic in front.

  2. Great all-around game by the Ducks, nice to see them bounce back.

    • BackCheck says:

      Hey news, people close to the Ducks tell me they haven’t seen these guys so focused. The young guys aren’t out partying. The older guys aren’t out talking their way out of speeding tickets 😉

      As a Ducks fan, I like the dynamic or psychological situation. The Preds have lost, what they had won. Now they need to win it back. That’s a collective deep breath for them. More importantly, we may have solved Pekka Rinne and Trotz smothering system.

  3. ffe155 says:

    Fat lady hasn’t sung yet, but she will definitely be warming up if the Ducks bring their A game on Friday. Hope that Bobby Ryan comes back with a bang. He’s due for a goal scoring streak.

    I’m troubled by Ray Emery’s apparent problem with lateral movement. I don’t recall that being an issue prior to his injury against SJ. Have to wonder if he’s really 100%? The defense needs to step it up another notch to support Emery and take away the tap in goals – those are real momentum killers. RC emphasized defensive zone coverage after game 3 and Ducks still gave up a soft tap-in. Preds don’t have the firepower to consistently score from the outside.

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