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Posted: 04/25/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

Note: You’re spot on if you recognize the title is borrowed from Monty Python. It’s appropriate because what is different is that I finally get to share this platform. Our Bud, bbdux93 has taken me up on the offer to publish you if you submit a  400+ word blog/post.

As always the only rules we have around here (1) challenge the post, respect the poster, and (2) no cussing,  apply.

In bbdux93’s first hockey blog post published on the net our Bud suggests  some changes for our Ducks 2011-12 edition. Oh and this post will read By bbdux93 as soon as I figured out how to edit the credit.

In his interview with the press following the Ducks loss to Nashville in game 6, Carlyle identified a lack of defense as the main cause for problem during the series. I have a different take on this and believe it was the primary problem this team struggled with all season.

As was evident in the constant changing of lines, I believe the lack of a strong 3rd and 4th handicapped both the offense, by over playing the top two lines and the defense because they did not get enough support from the forwards in our defensive zone coverage. Often RC could not leave our 3rd & 4th line guys out there long enough to give the others enough time to rest

We have often heard guys being described as Offensive minded D as though that is what we needed. I’d like to see more emphasis placed on acquiring some defensive minded O.

That said the following is what I would do with our current rooster

Trade ; Sutton, Brookbank and Parros Do NOT resign; Lilja, Marchant & Chipcura

Sign; Teemu w/more $$ & Winchester Send to AHL or Trade; Sexton & Bonino

Unsure what to do with Ruutu

Find out what is wrong with Jonas and get it fixed – or???

Let – or help – Emery find a new home

3rd line forwards; Beleskey, McMillan & Winchester (he can fight – if needed)

Go out and get a strong “shut down” 4th line.

Allow the top two lines to play as they are, stop moving these people to other lines.

  1. Cool, can’t wait to read it. I’d love to write a post or two if that’s ok from time to time.

    • BackCheck says:

      The News of Sports and Chris Ross’ Paint It Black are two of the better WordPress sports blogs. You guys are always welcome to post links to your hockey related posts.

      Here news previews the NHL playoffs with good chat following the story. Now that we have the benefit of hindsight, it’s always fair game to jump in and point out the one’s he got wrong 😉

      BTW, I would be interested in accessing your webmaster skills. Email me:

  2. BackCheck says:

    Hey bbdux93, fine job on your first post. Just want to add to your take on Carlyle’s comment. Too often during the series Preds forwards just dipsy doodled their way around our D-men. We just sucked one on one in open ice. If you don’t practice taking the man first, you don’t do it during the games.

    It became evident that the coaching staff was too focused on “structure” at the expense of details. Overall, the coaching staff did a decent/okay job but we need more from them.

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