What About Bob?

Posted: 07/04/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

Remains one of the funniest movies of all time. In the movie, Bob is played by Bill Murray the goof his psychiatrist played by Richard Dreyfuss can’t shake or quite understand.

Just like the movie when Bob married into Dr. Leo Marvin’s family, our Bob Murray was given an extension by our Ducks. Have you ever had a person hang around you too long?

The youth movement begun in 2010-11 will continue through in 2011-12.

Gone are soon to be 36 years old Jarkko Ruutu, Andreas Lilja and 30-year-old Brad Winchester. Andy Sutton (36) was traded to Edmonton for PP specialist Kurtis Foster (29.)Also gone is the recently retired Todd Marchant. T-bone is staying in the Ducks org responsible for player development. I was hoping and commented last season that we would do well to find a spot in the org for Marchant. He’s a guy who knows what it takes to play hockey at an NHL level and he can pass that knowledge along to our prospects and rookies.

OCR’s Eric Stephens reported that What About Bob’s salary budget is $56 million. With 17 players signed at $49.4 million per CapGeek and Teemu Selanne set to take a chunk of the remaining $6.5 million, Murray is counting on 2-3 rookies to make the show.

This is speculation based on deductive logic. We’re not going to see much action over the summer.  Maybe a second six UFA forward gets signed and/or depth D-man. A key to this deductive reasoning is that we didn’t get immediate help in the draft or by trade during the draft.

Of the UFA forwards still available and might come cheap, our Ducks would be well served to take a long look at Chris Drury. He can play all 3 forward positions and he’s accountable enough to skate alongside a couple of rookies or sophomores.

Another thing we know is that this team has lost some snarl and sandpaper over the summer. No way do the likes of Foster, Etem, Smith-Pelley, Bonino bring the bite of Sutton, Rutuu and Winchester. Without Marchant we are weaker in the face off circle as well.

Murray obviously plans to start the season with the duo of Hiller and Ellis between the pipes.

Our locks at forward include:

Getzlaf-Ryan-Perry; The Masterton Line; Brandon McMillan and George Parros. Competing for 5 open positions are Dan Sexton, Matt Belesky, Nick Bonino,  Emerson Etem, Kyle Palmieri, Devante Smith-Pelley, Patrick Maroon and Peter Holland.

On D with their primary/secondary TOI (1) Visnovsky ES/PP (2) Lydman ES/PK (3) Fowler ES/PP (4) Beauchemin ES/PK (5) Sbisa ES/PK (6) Foster ES/PP (7) Brookbank ES.

From what little Bob Murray has told us fans, he’ll deal with Selanne and Hiller when those situations become clear. Until then we pencil them in and count on them.

Overall I see this roster as a potential offensive  powerhouse. If Getz & Silver take it to another level next season like Perry did last season, “lookout cookout.” Back-checking might consist of 5 skaters standing in the neutral zone yelling, “Head up Hillsy. Here they come.”

  1. Buick22 says:

    Sounds about right, he usually trades for a ? late, and I’m hoping he grabs Konopka for faceoffs, maybe Maroon will surprise. I thought Winchester was cheap at his spot, less Pim than Ruutu also not as fast or PK talented. We need a replacement for Marchant or our top guys will be gassed by January again from too many minutes….

  2. BackCheck says:

    Hey Buick22, do we retire your number now? Got a pic of Buick22 on the back of a Ducks jersey you can send in? You could be our first inductee into a poster’s Hall of Fame.

    Actually, replacing T-bone is why I like Drury. He’s great on face offs, can PK with the best, his leadership/character is beyond reproach. We should get double digit goals, 30-40 pts and 1st unit PK TOI from Drury in a Top 9 – PK unit role.

    Big Z is a 4th line, 13th forward kind of guy and we already have Parros. True Konopka is good on draws but unlike Drury he’s a bit of a liability out there unless he finds a dance partner.

  3. Buick22 says:

    I’ll stick with 22 even though he is gone, unless someone else wins me over, or a slug starts wearing the 22… I am beginning to think it is the year of the kid lines, as no moves by Murray seem on the horizon, he usually waits, but dang, every team in our division has made moves, and some were significant..

  4. Buick22 says:

    my gravatar is jacked, no photo…?

  5. Buick22 says:

    Who’s left as a FA? Prospal, Arnott, Nylander, we would have to trade or get a cheap older guy for the 4th line center.

  6. BackCheck says:

    It bugged me seeing Bret Burns go to the guppies and Janne Hejda to Avs. Hejda is a fine
    stay@home D who went to Avs for Lydman type money about $3 million per year.

    Kings moves are overrated, no? Gagne is good when healthy and Richards is good when he’s sober. They lost a lot of sandpaper in Smyth & Simmonds. Doughty lost a party Bud in Simmonds but gains one in Richards.

    Caps are a huge winner as are the Sharks. Having Boyle & Burns as the #’s 1 & 3 D respectively or as a pairing is huge. Not quite Neidermayer – Pronger but not far off either. I like Heatley for Havlat too. It sends a win or else message to the rest of the guys. Avs should be better on D and in net with Varlamov and Jiggy. Coyotes still need a goalie to replace Breezy. Stars got help behind the bench and along the blue line but they will miss Brad Richards.

    Try this site for UFA’s Bud. It’s listed by position and updated almost immediately.


    • czhokej says:

      I am glad that this blog is again active. It’s unclear how well will Drury be able to play during the next season, given the health concerns and the lack of production during the last two seasons in New York. But for a good price, I would like to see him in Ducks’ uniform.
      Konopka signed with the Senators for 700,000. Prospal, if healthy would be a good addition. After the surgery he had a good second half of the season. But my guess is RC will not like him.

  7. czhokej says:

    I am not sure now, Did Prospal re-signed with the Rangers?

  8. bbdux93 says:

    Like CZ – I’m glad this site is active again.

    I am more than a little concerned about the direction Bob is taking this team – doesn’t seem to be a group that RC can manage well. Of course that begs the question – exactly what group – outside of the ’06-’07 people – can he get good results with….

    • BackCheck says:

      Hey bbdux93,

      The team came together nicely last season and Coach Carlyle didn’t mess it up. Corey Perry and Lubomir Visnovsky were both the beneficiaries and the primary instigators. Pears got the hardware and he thanked teammates because, “Nobody wins these awards alone.”

      A fourth place finish and we drew in the Preds, a team with a better blue line, a better second six group of forwards and RC was out coached especially in the final two games. Would a healthy Hiller have made the difference? Yeah, I think so but we’ll truly never know because it didn’t happen that way.

      I’m okay with RC getting out coached by a perennial Jack Adams candidate. No shame in that at all. The fact he didn’t mess up. That the team didn’t become divided because of him. The only public dissent came from Lupul and I strongly suspect in hindsight Joffrey knew he was a goner. I don’t get any sense Loops was traded because he spoke up.

  9. czhokej says:

    I am not sure now. Did Prospal re-signed with the Rangers?

  10. czhokej says:

    bc, you seem to be optimistic about the roster. As you know me, I am a pessimist. I’d like to see youngsters on the ice, and I would not mind an energy line anchored by Drury. But, as I posted elsewhere, 2nd line is getting old, we do not have good PK manpower, net-minding may be a problem, and on the top of it we will again see RC’s “rotation roulette” as some other bloggers call it. (Line-up changes will last for 4 months or more (?). And as you pointed up we are now too small or getting there .

    • BackCheck says:

      Hey cz,

      Expect a slow summer blog wise. I really don’t see a lot of Ducks news coming down the pike.

      Per Sports City & TSN Prospal remains unsigned. Can he PK though cz? Vinny has enjoyed his best years under Tortorella. Can he duplicate that anywhere else? Buick22 makes a great point above taht the Big 3 could exhausted by January if they’re called upon to play 25 minutes in all situations ES – PP & PK.

      So after all our back & forths last season about the 3rd line being primarily a scoring or checking line (me=scoring; cz=checking) and recognizing what Marchant’s retirement means, I’m leaning toward a veteran pivot who can add some secondary scoring (both Drury & Prospal can) but can also PK, win face offs and bring that veteran leadership T-bone brought to the room. Drury does all that. I’m not sayin’ Prospal doesn’t, I just don’t know Vac well enough to say he does.

      If the question is secondary scoring, definitely take Prospal ahead of Drury at this point in their careers.

      As for being optimistic, this roster looks okay when they have the puck. It scares the beejeebers out of me when they don’t. Goaltending, lack of a legit shut down D-man and the PK units are the major question marks.

      Toronto learned Beauchemin looks very average without an HOF D partner. We need more from the #4. maybe Sbisa moves past him but that’s a lot to ask of a sophomore.

  11. czhokej says:

    I do not think that Prospal is that good for PK. He played mostly PP in NY. However, at the end of the season, February – April, after the surgery) he played well, increasing his TOI, – ( 29 games, 9 goals, 14 assists, good face-offs stats). But he did not like it in Anaheim the first time around (03-04), and he wanted to be traded (I heard).

  12. Glad to see a new post. The offense will be great this upcoming year, but the defense remains to be seen.

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