Big Sexy signs for two years

Posted: 07/11/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

Our Ducks announced the signing of Dan Sexton to a two year contract today. It’s a two way in the first year and one way in the second. Essentially it means our Ducks brain trust will take a longer look at Big Sexy. For Sexton it means two more years to establish himself as an NHL player.

Sounds like a win-win to me.

  1. czhokej says:

    I always feel that you have to adjust the system to the type and nature of available players. Sexton played well with Koivu, because Koivu was able to utilize his speed and skills, mentoring him at the same time. Sexton’s success (or lack of it) could be determined by other circumstances – tactical and role directives and with whom he playes.

    • BackCheck says:

      Hey cz, I’m with you on adjusting the system to suit the skill sets of your players. True Sexton had success with Koivu & Ryan. It’s also true that Dan hasn’t matched that success with any other set of line mates. We can’t play him ahead of Selanne or Perry on RW. He doesn’t play ahead of Ryan, Blake or McMillan on LW.

      Sexton’s challenge is (1) win a top 9 wing spot (2) find success as a play maker and goal scorer. It won’t be easy to beat out guys like McMillan, Belesky while being challenged from behind by guys like Palmieri, Etem and Smith-Pelley. One thing that could really help him is if he can become something of a pickpocket and excel in the takeaway department. Big Sexy has the foot speed and agility, does he have the good stick?

      While not quite a Kid Line, McMillan-Belesky-Sexton might have the complimentary skill sets to form a decent 3rd line. Mac goes to the net and picks up the garbage, Belesky the shooter and mucker while Sexton is the rover chasing down the loose pucks, drawing defenders to him and becoming the play maker.

      • czhokej says:

        Good comments, bc (as usual, I agree). I believe that Sexy has good puck-handling skills, but he needs to read the game better. That will make him better player, both offensively and defensively. I repeat myself, he needs good, intelligent coaching.
        In terms of a Kid-line (Energy line), I would like to see it. Yes, give them a chance. Again, these kids would need a father-like-figure for guidance, discilpline, and the right emotions.

  2. BackCheck says:

    OCR’s Eric Stephens spoke with The Bob and reports Teemu Selanne is skating and feels fine. we could have a signing in a week or two.

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