Ducks sign depth D-man Matt Smaby

Posted: 07/14/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

Tampa Bay GM Steve Yzerman chose not to make Smaby a qualifying offer. Smaby he’s good. Smaby not.

The former Bolt, Matt brings 6’4″ 240#’s  of stay@home physicality. THN describes Smaby as both awkward and smooth. Matt missed 37 games with various injuries last season. He’s never played more than 43 games in any of his four NHL seasons.

He’s good enough to battle Kurtis Foster, Sheldon Brookbank and maybe Luca Sbisa for playing time. Good signing as Matt Smaby will put some snarl on the back line. He’s tough but smart about it. Smaby doesn’t take a lot of stupid penalties.

  1. Buick22 says:

    The injuries scare me a little, he’s like a young Sutton

  2. bbdux93 says:

    If he starts the season without injuries it will help to fill the void until Lydman is able to play. If he brings the snarl that IMO Sutton lacked he could be a good addition. I’m not worried about having 7 strong D – unless of course RC decides to dress all 7 again.

  3. Smaby’s a big body that could help the Ducks, kind of a low risk move that can really only help them.

  4. BackCheck says:

    Looking at the 6,7,8 spots on the D depth chart offers real options in Kurtis Foster, Sheldon Brookbank and Matt Smaby. Foster and Brookbank are the only right handed shots among our top 8 D. Earlier in the week Foster was mistakenly reported as a southpaw on this blog. I relied on a popular mainstream site but broke the reporter’s rule of confirming basic facts with two different sources. I’m sorry for any confusion my error caused.

    Foster has earned a rep as puck moving PP specialist. Brookbank we know as a decent depth D-man who is serviceable in every situation. Smaby is that big, hulking, stay@home who may forever be compared to Chris Pronger in Anaheim. The comparison and not so subtle #25 shows just how desperate the front office is to have us forget the Pronger mistake.

    Solidifying the #6 spot will be more of a function of filling a team need than it is about individual talent.While there’s certainly a case to be made for each player, expect all three to rotate in and out of the lineup.

    • bbdux93 says:

      No one can dispute that Scott deserved respect and consideration for all that he did for this team. That said, he did not deserve to play another year at the expense of losing someone who was younger and had more playing years left in him than did Chris Pronger. On the other hand, that change (if you can believe the rumors) may have been more to do with Carlyle wanting to take back control of the team.

  5. czhokej says:

    Even though neither of them (Scotty and Chris) is fully replaceable, Fowler and Lubo may help to fill the void after our captain left. To replace Pronger with another big body, we would probably need Chara – the difference maker. Smaby was getting very limited TOI in Tampa – only 6:34 a game. I am afraid that bc is right, it’s just another try to forget Pronger.

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