Kickin’ Trade Tires

Posted: 08/26/2011 by bc in Uncategorized
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This post is pure speculation.  Nothing herein is based on unnamed sources, the musings of mainstream reporters or drug and alcohol induced hallucination.

A while back bbdux93 posted that she had a feeling our Ducks will make a major trade soon. The notion has been niggling at me ever since.

You can pile all the Gossip Girls blogs, tea leaves, tarot cards, ghost whisperers, web bot forecasting and theories on how Nostradamus predicted that our Ducks would trade Bobby Ryan for Shea Weber in one pile. Then put a throw away comment based on a woman’s intuition on the other and I’ll give more cred to female intuition every time.

They’re not always right but jeez eh, how often have you said to yourself, how the heck did she know that? See what I mean? You don’t need scientific research to prove women’s intuition, you just know it’s freakin’ possible.

Any trade involving Bobby Ryan would get a blockbuster trade rating. Of our core players, Perry, Getzlaf, Ryan and Hiller, Ryan is the usual suspect to be traded. As noted by this blog, OCR’s Eric Stephens and others, Ryan is the one guy who hasn’t solidified his position on the team. Guys, regardless of how good, who can’t find a fit are often traded. Additionally, IF Teemu is returning we can more easily afford to swap Ryan.

In any half way intelligent discussion about trading Bobby Ryan you must (1) assess his trade value, (2) determine if the value is an improvement and (3) Check with McNab to see if money fits the internal cap.

In other words, Bob Murray said last season he would trade for a #1 D-man. it didn’t happen but maybe that is the source of bb’s intuition and what niggles me.  Could Bobby Ryan bring a genuine #1 D-man in return? The obvious big name is Shea Weber and no we’d have to sweeten the deal.

Ryan and Sbisa would be a cap friendly swap. But that’s more than I’d want to pay. Ryan and our 2012 1st round entry draft pick? Done. As followers of this blog I’m a huge Bobby Ryan supporter but I’d trade him 5 minutes ago for a perennial Norris candidate.

Doughty? No way. He’s talented but I’m not convinced he’s committed as I’d like a core player to be. Keith? No way will Chicago part with him.

Let’s say we swap Ryan for Weber. Who then on the D becomes instantly available? My choice would be Beauchemin because he might bring a decent Top 6 forward in return. Just tossing stuff out here, what about a Beauchemin for Mike Knuble off the Caps or Brad Boyes from the Sabres? Either would buy us time to see if one of the young guys can step up or we sign a UFA next summer.

And oh, while a top flight Russian in the Southland makes sense marketing wise please don’t let it be Alexander Semin. The only spot for a talented flake on a hockey team is between the pipes.

So what says you? Murray has said he’ll trade for a #1 D-man. Do you see a way of trading for one? My muse is if bb’s intuitive compass about a blockbuster is right, Bobby Ryan is the guy going elsewhere.

  1. It does make sense to trade away Bobby Ryan for a defensive presence like Shea Weber. Good for both teams, and great for the salary.

    • BackCheck says:

      Thanks for agreeing with my common sense but as you see in bbdux93’s post below, she’s not intuiting a trade involving Bobby Ryan.

      Your misunderstanding is one of youth grasshopper, err Nik 😉 I was well into my forty somethings before I stopped arguing with a woman’s intuition.

  2. bbdux93 says:

    I went to a Ducks hosted charity game on Saturday, Teemu was one of the participants. Makes me think if a big trade is coming it will be in Sept when Teemu makes his decision known. As for my intuition, I can’t see a trade involving Bobby, more likely someone like Sbisa and other considerations. But then again, I never have expected to see Carlyle’s contract extentions. So gentlemen, if you were inclined to put money on my “guessing”, on my intuition, maybe you’d better reconsider.

    • BackCheck says:

      In a nutshell bbdux93 is intuiting if Teemu retires it’s Sbisa for a top 6 forward? Sbisa for a top 6 forward is entirely plausible. Scary and fr-ought with risk though. For example would you trade Luca for Detroit’s Jiri Hudler or say Blues T.J. Oshie? As they say in Canada, “Take off, eh.”

      But Sbisa for say Dustin Penner or maybe a deadline deal like Luca for Shane Doan and a prospect?

      I’d try moving Beauchemin before Sbisa. But should The Bob swap a top 6 D-man for a Top 6 forward I still wouldn’t bet against bb’s intuition being spot on. Unlike the gossip girls, at least with bbdux we have a source 🙂

  3. bbdux93 says:

    And a disclaimer

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