Ducks Blogoshpere one big duh

Posted: 09/22/2011 by bc in Uncategorized
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Just took a quick tour of nearly a dozen Ducks sites. Those commenting on last night’s 6-1 loss seem to have observed that exhibition games don’t count. Freakin’ brilliant, huh? BTW, ‘huh’ is American for ‘eh.’

What you can takeaway from the initial two games is our penchant for giving the puck away continues from last season. And worse, our inability to pounce on the loose pucks continues. Carlyle calls the latter bad bounces. Meh. Carlyle’s boss spent the summer improving team speed. Our guys should be jumping on those loose biscuits and they’re not.

The former is a failure to execute. The latter is a failure to react. Be concerned.

  1. czhokej says:

    Even though these are preseason games, we must be concerned – 13 goals in 2 games is way too many. And 6 goals in the third periods. Our best offensive trio did not score and did not even play that well. There was again too much confusion on the ice, that I couldn’t see any system or a game plan.

  2. The Ducks looked awful, to be frank. I’d be really worried because, sure, it was a preseason game, but 6 goals allowed is way too much. Nice new theme by the way.

  3. BackCheck says:

    Thanks Nik. The Ducks colors are cool. The site will see a couple more upgrades before the season starts.

    As to the errors, I’m concerned about the giveaways and letting loose pucks go to the opposition that led to the goals; we saw two different groups of players make the same mistakes. The common denominator is the guys behind the bench.

    Maybe with Hiller or Ellis between the pipes we get a different result but….these weren’t systemic breakdowns. This was individuals making mental errors and failing to execute.

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