40 Players waived today

Posted: 09/24/2011 by bc in Uncategorized
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Since the team claiming a waived player is only responsible for 50% of the remaining contract, this time of year is also known as the NHL’s half price sale. The biggest name available is NY Rangers Wade Redden. The Rags buried his $6.5million salary in the AHL last season but at $3.25 Redden might be a bargain. The concern is at age 34 his current contract has 3 years to run.

Even at half of his $5.625million, Cristobal Huet may not find any takers. He’s essentially a backup who can carry a team for short stretches but is not a starter.

Others include stay@home Dmen Shoanne Morrisonn and Brad Lukowich. I’ve always liked their respective game but each has fallen on hard times for reasons unknown to me. With Matt Smaby on board Ducks don’t need either Morrissonn or Lukowich.

One name that raised an eyebrow is Phoenix Coyote checking line center Alexandre Bolduc. He’s in the final year of a barely above the league minimum contract. Unless there’s a good reason for the waiver, Bolduc is worth taking a flyer on. Think Maxim Lapierre without a higher Hockey IQ.

The rest on today’s waiver list are a collection of has beens and never weres.


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