Jacques gets Five for Fighting

Posted: 09/27/2011 by bc in Uncategorized
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Our Ducks forward is suspended for the balance of the exhibition season and the first five games of the regular season. Randy Carlyle is expected to become $10k lighter as well. My take on the early suspensions handed out Brandon Shanahan is that he won’t tolerate the cheap shots and has no patience for stupid.

Our Ducks, known as a team that plays with an edge, will be challenged to be smart about the rough play. This is something Randy Carlyle should have instituted long ago. “It’s hard to defend. You can’t defend what he did,” Carlyle said to the media. “He went across the ice and went after a guy, and it’s kind of like you’re at a loss for words when it’s happening. You’re shaking your head. But what can you do?”

Well, Carlyle has shown himself unable to get the team on the ice in time for the puck drop. And we want him to exert control over his bench? Ah jeez, give him a raise and an extension. Just like we would if RC were a banker.

  1. czhokej says:

    It was kind of stupid from Jacques. Does a player in these situations need a nod from the coach?

    • BackCheck says:

      The nod is assumed and is the reason for the $10,000 fine. A Coach is expected to control his players. For the most part though, guys are expected to know who, when and how to find a dance partner. This is why George Parros is so valuable. George gets it. J.F. Jacques is still looking up at the learning curve.

      I played for Coaches who walked up and down the bench saying things like, “Bring me an F-bomb tooth.” I always knew that Coach wasn’t asking me to return to the bench with that particular trophy. Still, I always knew that if I had done my job, Coach wouldn’t be “giving the nod.”

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