Welcome to Panic City

Posted: 10/31/2011 by bc in Uncategorized
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In their last six games our Ducks are 1-4-1 comprising an anemic P% of just .214.
Nick Bonino is the latest in the list of call ups in yet another desperate attempt to inject some offense into our slumping Ducks. Never mind that just the other day Bob Murray said Patrick Maroon needed 3-4 games before any judgments could be fairly made. Apparently Randy Carlyle missed the memo. Maroon played 15 minutes in his first game 9 in his second before being shipped back to Syracuse.
As mentioned in a thread just last week, Bobby Ryan is Coach Carlyle’s go to guy. Coach reunited the RPG line the third period against Columbus. Now RC has adjusted his lines full circle. If he stays true to form, RPG will stay together just long enough to pull the team out of this slump. He’ll ride them until they have a bad period. At which point Coach will inject himself back into his match up maestro mode, move Ryan off the top line at which we slump again.

RC has become as predictable as a Big Bang Theory rerun.

  1. duckfan22 says:

    In the past I have defended RC on a constant basis, mainly because most people that mock him have no clue why they are, they do it because everyone else is. Well, at this point RC is beginning to frustrate me and this last game against Columbus got rid of any remaining patience I may have with him. The constant line juggling he did against that game gave our team no chance at winning. Our players are being over used and it showed in the third. I believe both team were playing their second game in two games, but Columbus showed they had plenty left in the tank in the third while most of the Duck players looked they were running on empty. RC needs to realize his line juggling is a negative and not a positive.

  2. bbdux93 says:

    We’ve just found a new way to have a slow start…..

  3. bbdux93 says:

    After this game and the one on Tuesday I’d say the population in Panic City is increasing.

    What the heck was wrong with Hiller on Tuesday – is he still sick or was he just taking a night off! Teemu should have thrown that bottle at him not at the wall…. From Hiller the Killer to Hiller the Horror. Good to see the old Hiller was back tonight.

  4. Hiller really hasn’t looked good recently… I don’t know what’s up with him.

    • duckfan22 says:

      I wouldnt say hasnt looked good recently, since he did play great last night, but I would say his play has been inconsistent to where he tends to have one good game then one bad game.

  5. tearingitup says:

    Some of the last few games reminded me of the Keystone Ducks. They tried to out forecheck a great fore checking team like the Preds. then out fight a tougher team at Columbus. Our young guys do not seem to have the insight to play this system.The loss at the Caps reminded me of all the bad issues the Ducks developed as a team after the cup run.

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