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Posted: 11/20/2011 by bc in Uncategorized
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If you read the quarter pole report there are only a couple-3 things you need to take from tonight’s loss. First, the captain’s view, may as well start with funny part;
“It’s tough. It’s a new experience for us here,” said Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf. “We have to find a way to dig ourselves out of this thing.”
Realty check Getz, slow starts are now an annual ritual. But wait there’s more;
Andrew Cogliano noted, “Other than the first 20-30 minutes, we took the game to them.” Kind of like saying other than the beat rap is awesome. Or how ’bout other than those ulcerated and bleeding zits, she’s kind of cute. Or than that Space Shuttle Challenger had a great flight. Your welcome to fill in the blanks with your own “Other than’s…” Really, when you begin humming a few bars of Dandy Don Meredith’s “Turn out the lights” is the high point of the first period, and it actually happens, you know things aren’t good.
Never fear though, as our ducks brain trust is on the case;
“It’s very frustrating and almost the cruel side of sports,” said Ducks coach Randy Carlyle. “We made enough mistakes that cost us the hockey game. There is no other way to describe it. We again mounted a comeback in the hockey game, but it just seems that we’re one goal short again.”
Another way of saying his team can’t play a complete game. Here’s the thing, it hasn’t occurred to Coach Carlyle that our Ducks are being allowed to mount these comebacks simply because the opposition is protecting the lead and running down the clock?
Turning out the lights is more than metaphor.
Stick tap to Adam Brady of for gathering and reporting the quotes used in this post.

  1. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    According to their reactions (playing 60% of the game), apparently, this team has accepted the notion that settling is OK (just show up and play). What is going on? It’s not OK to play like this… Perhaps the Samueli’s have no desire to improve the team…perhaps they intend to use the team as a tax write- off (expenses exceed revenue) as many MLB owners do. Changes are needed, do it now!

    I love this statement… “It hasn’t occurred to Coach Carlyle that our Ducks are being allowed to mount these comebacks simply because the opposition is protecting the lead and running down the clock?” you are right on! It is laughable, LOL!

    Frustrated on all cylinders as our team continues to underperform, and play with a sense of entitlement, pathetic! I feel for Teemu…he deserves better.

    • BackCheck says:

      Agree with everything you posted yougetwhatyouputin. Wondering though if the Samueli’s management style is really suited to the business of sport. For example, loyalty is a laudable virtue but in my experience, about 40 years of playing and coaching, I can count one hand the number of guys I was with for 3 or more consecutive years. And we’re probably talking a couple-few thousand guys and kids that I played with or coached.

      Henry Samueli has treated bob Murray and Randy Carlyle like key employees and frankly either one deserves such status.

      Heck it isn’t uncommon in hockey organizations to swap out entire Boards, front offices adn the core players in one season. Sport is a what have you done for me lately, who is no doubt related to yougetwhatyouputin 😉 business.

      In the now nearing five seasons since winning the Cup the Murray/Carlyle Administration hasn’t accomplished much at all. Under Murray/Carlyle our Ducks mission/goal has been lowered from perennial Stanley Cup contender to just making the playoffs.

      You really nailed it yougetwhatyouputin. Murray and Carlyle have established a just “showing up is good enough” culture and Henry Samueli rewarded them for it.

      • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

        Agreed…perhaps the Samueli’s management style or lack of it is the issue…Not sure they would listen much as according to Forbes 2007, the Samueli’s net worth was at $2.3 billion…they probably need the hefty tax write-off, LOL!

        I have no problem with loyalty as long as it deals with the caliber of the likes of Bowman and General Manager Sam Pollock (both with Montreal, 70s and Detroit, 90/00s).

        “Murray and Carlyle have established a just “showing up is good enough” culture and Henry Samueli rewarded them for it” you are totally correct…contract extensions typically mean you are doing an outstanding job…I think, LOL!

        Change is desperately needed as we (the Ducks) lack the desire and passion to win. This desire and passion was evident when we won the Cup in 07 and this is what is lacking today…I’m just about ready to call it a season.

  2. czhokej says:

    Burke started dismantling the championship team just before he left. He did not care at that time.
    Then Murray finished it with some really questionable trades and moves.
    RC won the Cup with Nieds, Pronger, Teemu, Andy Mac, Jiggy and Bryz , Sammy and others – (all of them at the top of their game). I guess that almost any coach would have accomplished the same. Just getting Chris and Scotty on the same team! The strategy and game plans (2007) were quite simple – long outlet pass, dump and chase, be physical. At that time the Ducks also were the biggest NHL team!
    Back then, I admired our coach, because his simple system worked. But I did not know back then that he did not have anything else, no other ideas.

    • BackCheck says:

      At the risk of jinxing it cz, Hiller heated up in early December last season. Great goaltending can make any coach look pretty smart. About the same time Koivu snapped out of a slump. Then Perry caught lightening in a bottle and the rest of the guys picked it up a notch. Mike Foligno also got some credit for encouraging a simpler system than RC’s Keystone Cop version of X & O’s.
      I couldn’t disagree more with RC’s approach to this slump. When things get this bad you don’t focus on the little details. You don’t have time. By the time you’ve broken it all down and rebuilt it the season is over. You focus on a major component like puck possession and build out from there. Focusing on puck control is starting from the fun part the game.You don’t tell the guys to have fun or make them act stupid by injecting silliness into it, like playing with the butt end of the stick. You let them make their own fun.
      And just wondering aloud, if Randy Carlyle is such a fricken genius why haven’t other teams adopted his big idears like having a D-man step up and challenge in the neutral zone rather than making a stand across the blue line?

      My personal theory is the downfall began when Henry Samueli mandated we keep Scott Niedermeyer at all costs. I don’t know it for a fact but I do believe the order to intervene in Scotty’s announced retirement after winning the Cup had to come from a source higher than Brian Burke. GM’s accept retirements, sometimes reluctantly but they accept retirements. Burke knew you don’t make one guy more important than the team. Owners don’t always know it though. Sometimes owners fall in love with their assets.
      Burke, a guy who believes in building teams from the blue line out leaves and is replaced by a guy, Bob Murray who builds downs the middle. I highly doubt Henry Samueli, fine engineer he is, appreciates the difference in how his GM’s construct his Anaheim Ducks.

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