Ducks put my home boy on waivers

Posted: 11/21/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

Matt Beleskey, who also hails from Windsor, Ontario (known as the armpit of North America due to the humidity) has been placed on waivers by our Ducks. I can’t imagine why. Belly has no goals, no assists and is minus-6 after 16 games. Jeez, he fits right in on this roster. NHL teams have until 9:00a.m. tomorrow morning to claim him. My guess is that somebody does and Beleskey joins an ever lengthening list of good players our Ducks have traded away or given up on.

  1. zseller says:

    I find it hard to believe that you think that Matty B should be considered on a list of players that the Ducks have given up on.
    This guy could not put a puck in the ocean if he was knee deep in the water.
    I would hpe that you would look at this constructively and see that he has had more than enough opportunities with the Ducks and for whatever reason he has not been able to succeed.
    I personally think that he had a negative impact on Getzlaf when he was put up on the first line.
    I wish Matt all the best and hopefully he will find an organization that he can make an impact with.
    I doubt that it will be an NHL team but maybe it will. If it is and he succeeds then you have to question why could he not do it here. At that point some of the blame has to fall on both sides of the fence as in my mind the Ducks gave him every opportunity to do something and he was not able to produce.

    • BackCheck says:

      Hey zseller, good of you to drop in. Even though we disagree a fair amount your points are always well taken and advanced.

      Okay, I’ll defend Matt Beleskey and the decision to waive him. Obviously somebody has to go to make room for Hagman and to evaluate Maxwell. Who among the depth forwards should go?

      None are as successful or project to be considerably more successful than Belly’s 14 goals 28 pts, minus-26 and 92 PIMS over 113 games. His minus-6 so far this season is a significant improvement over his career average.

      His closest comparable is Brandon McMillan who’s recorded 11 goals 24 pts minus-12 in 80 games. McMillan has also had more opportunity on the top lines than has Beleskey. I’ll give you Mac is a smarter hockey player. Belly is bigger and more physical playing on a team that emulates Angry Birds.

      Gordon? Not even close. Gordo has 1 goal and two assists after 32 NHL games. Worse that’s his high point. Gordon is on pace four assists and minus-29 on this season. He’s not physical at all.

      Maxwell? Arguably better defensively but he’s only scored a goal and 2 pts in 37 NHL games.

      I didn’t know him growing up in Windsor. We’re about a millennium apart in age. I have it on good authority that Beleskey routinely buried biscuits in the Detroit River from the Windsor Arena parking lot. They say he even banked oneSo yeah, he could so hit water if he fell out of a boat lol.

      Flip a coin between Beleskey and McMillan and definitely waive Gordon or Maxwell first.

  2. BackCheck says:

    Hey z, my homey cleared waivers. I’m crushed. This is like not having a prom date. Gotta give ya your props though. Are ya ready Bud?

    You were right and I was wrong.

    Note that this admission is strictly limited to our respective opinions concerning Beleskey clearing waivers. I remain right about everything else 😉

  3. The only thing I can say about him is that it was time to go, and Beleskey was the ‘it’.

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