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Mark Whicker, for my money the single best sports journalist in SoCal, chronicles our Ducks search for “it.”  Have a taste:
“In a way, it’s more frustrating,” Ryan Getzlaf said. “It’s a hard thing to grasp. We’re showing it, so we know how to do it. We’re showing blasts of it. If it wasn’t there it wasn’t there, but we know it is there. We can’t get down three goals before we find it.”

I stand by the appraisal in the Quarter Pole Report that this team hasn’t got it and only shows some of it when other teams back off and defend those 2-3 goal leads.
Go ahead Ducks make eat crow.
Whicker gets “it” though. As also discussed here with czhokej and yougetwhatyouputin in the Wings Post Game thread, our Ducks have to rediscover how to have fun again.

  1. zseller says:

    Of all the people to be scratching his head about the lack of consistancy and effort, the last person to question anyone else in my mind is Getzlaf.
    I hate to be critical of this guy as he has the talent to be one of the all time greats that the NHL has ever seen. A few years back I thought that he had the potential to be better than Mark Messier.
    At this point in time I would like to see the Ducks yank the C from him as he is not providing the lead by example that a Captain should.
    I am so tired of seeing behind the back no look passes without regard as to where they are going to end up. I am tired if seeing him bust his hump trying to tie up a game and then not showing the same drive the balance of the game. If he put forth the effort in the first 50-55 minutes maybe he could afford to coast the last 5-10 minutes as the Ducks might be ahead by enough to do so.
    When Getzlaf is on his game skating hard, taking the puck from people and not giving it up, he is a talent that I have rarely seen in the NHL.
    When he plays like he did on Sunday against the Wings with absolutely no heart or effort it infuriates me to have someone waste such an enormous amount of talent that only a select few are given.
    I am hopeful that he will pull his head from his backside and realize that this team needs someone to lead them, and since he is the captain it is his job. Getzy, if you do not want the responsibility then pass it on to someone who will take it on. As a group this team has too much talent to be spinning their wheels in the land of mediocrity that they are in right now.
    If the laughing faces of the Red Wings and the Kings for the last 3 games does not inspire you to play better, and play better for each and every game, then maybe it is time to sit down until you can find that desire again.

    • BackCheck says:

      zseller, I’ve sat on this for a couple-few years and I’ve also heard it from more than source. The following is second hand to me.

      Ryan Getzlaf has confided more than once and with more than one person that he actually hates hockey and only does it because he can’t make a living doing anything else. I don’t necessarily have a problem with that so long as he uses that hate as motivation. Obviously that isn’t what’s going on though. We’ll let that chip fall where it may.

      I just closed my eyes and shook my head on one play against the Wings. Getz was first in on the forecheck and pulled up instead going strong on the puck. He allowed the Wings defender to make a play and clear the zone.

      You’re spot on, zseller. Getzlaf has the talent but appears to lack the desire to impose his will out there. Marriage has been known to “whip” a guy into passivity. There’s no place for it at the rink though.

  2. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    Backcheck…I believe these guys (reporters and Ducks team management) read your blog…It’s a miracle…perhaps they have opened their eyes to the truth? Our Ducks play with zero passion and absolutely zero motivation. Our leadership structure has failed…Getzlaf needs to step down and become the supporting player that helped win the cup in 07…Gerzlaf do it for the team, you have your multi-year contract…put your ego aside as you are very important to the teams future, however, not as its leader! This is not defeat but a long overdue realignment. Look how it worked in San Jose with Marleau!

    I would consider relieving Carlyle just to shake things up and send a clear message that status quo approach is no longer acceptable. I would consider giving Dave Farrish a chance…how could it hurt?, we have the third worst record in the league. We cannot afford to take a back seat approach as this market will not support failing teams playing with zero passion and absolutely zero motivation.

    Backcheck keep the info coming, I feel changes are a looming…

  3. bbdux93 says:

    I was born and raised here – HATE cold weather (anything below 40 degrees is cold weather) – have never had on a pair of skates – was once passionate about football – AND – then I saw my first hockey game. I was confused, intrigued – in love – with this strange game.

    I am about as typical a Californian as you will find. I have and will pursue other interests if the team I support does not have an interest in winning! Except for living out of state for a few years in the late 90s I have had season tickets every year since 1993

    Loosing when you’ve played as hard and as well as you possibly can, but things didn’t go your way – is acceptable.
    Loosing because you don’t put forth the effort, don’t use your talent and training – is NOT and never will be acceptable

  4. czhokej says:

    I agree with all of you, but somehow most reporters avoid blaming directly Carlyle and our GM for the mess. For them RC is still the man who won the Cup.
    Yes, players are unhappy and not performing (remember, we had these crises before, and several times – some sort of players’ rebellion). Yes, Getz is no leader. His game looks like he’s smoking something. Even Perry and Bobby are not themselves. But there is more to this embarrassing predicament. Something must be done ASAP. Diagnose and treat! I do not want to hear RC and/or Getz explaining (using meaningless moronic phrases) why we keep losing.

    I have seen teams with average players perform above .500. Jjust by working hard, playing tight defensive games, with discipline, relying on counterattacks and breakaways.

  5. tearingitup says:

    I am hoping they can pull off some type of win tonite. I just have not seen enough talent in the new and improved young guys that have been shoveled into the deck. I have written this before..these guys have speed but sloppy puck handling abilities in a crowd. Still seems our game is along the boards in an easily defended area. What now? How many times can RC have a one on one with the guys and not get a win? At least pull the C from Getz……show that you know something. BC interesting comment that Getz really does not enjoy the game itself

    • BackCheck says:

      Exactly tearingitup, start with the puck. Just play with it. Start to have fun again as Mark Whicker wrote. Pretty soon you’re doing all the right things. You’re strong on the puck, supporting the puck, going hard to the puck and taking the puck to the opposing net.

      When I first heard the Getzlaf hates hockey stuff, it sounded like pillow talk. You know, stuff guys will say, even make up to add a little drama in that other physical contact sport. Then I heard it again and it wasn’t coming from a puck bunny. It was coming from a guy who would know.

      I got it twice from separate independent sources. The journalistic standard is met. By a legal standard it’s still second hearsay. I trust my sources though.

      It isn’t a big deal. Getz should be able to channel that hatred and make the opposition pay. No law against playin’ like an Angry Bird.

  6. czhokej says:

    It’s an interesting comment about Getz, because I (when I played hockey, with very little talent compared to our captain) used to love the physicality of the game, sweat and pain, hitting people and being hit, and being dead tired at the end of the game, so tired that I could hardly make it home.

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