Reality Check: Our Ducks selling golf in November

Posted: 11/28/2011 by bc in Uncategorized
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Update: Two slumping teams have made coaching changes today. Washington Capitals have fired Bruce Boudreau and replaced him with Dale Hunter. Carolina Hurricanes have parted company with Paul Maurice and replaced him with Kirk Muller.

Now there’s a metaphor for this sorry excuse of a season.  It isn’t the 11 point difference that separates our 14th place Anaheim Ducks from the 8th place Dallas Stars. It’s also the five teams in 13th through 9th place that our Ducks also have to pass in order to make the playoffs. It ain’t happening. You don’t overtake six teams to make the playoffs. Not when you trail half of those teams by ten points.
What our beloved team should do and what it will most likely do is also further apart than our Ducks sit form a playoff berth tonight. It should re-assign Bob Murray, Randy Carlyle and Dave Farrish and put Dave McNab in the GM chair, Mike Foligno behind the bench on an interim basis. Let Mike bring in his assistant coaches.
What they will probably do is repeat the formula that has been semi-successful in two of the past three seasons. We will probably trade some players.

The Gossip Girls already have Bobby Ryan packing a bag. Others suggest that Getzlaf, Perry, Selanne and Fowler are the only untouchables. I don’t know about that at all. When Bob Murray was GM in Chicago he traded his top forward (Jeremy Roenick) and number one D-man (Chris Chelios) in the same year. Given his history, Bob Murray is always capable of executing the bizarre and nonsensical.

Expect anything.

During last night’s 5-2 loss to a team managed by Brian Burke, coached by Ron Wilson and counts Joffrey Lupul and Jake Gardiner among its key players, Randy Carlyle was very nearly reduced to tears when the Leafs went up 3-1. In that moment I sensed that Randy Carlyle is done. He has no answer. Everything he does know has been tried.

I don’t blame Carlyle entirely. I’m not convinced that he and Bob Murray are the same page. How else do you explain a GM who provides a bash & smash coach with flash and dash players? Think not? Look no further than the replacements for Sutton, Ruutu, Winchester and Chipchura. Foster, Cogliano, Gordon and Hagman. You don’t swap out four big guys with four small guys without changing how you do things. Unfortunately, Randy Carlyle is cookie-cutter style coach. He molds the player to the system.

The Leafs gave a textbook clinic on how to stop the RPG line. Basically they gave Getzlaf the perimeter and outnumbered Ryan and Perry in the low slot. When you outnumber the opposition at the puck, keeping them outside is relatively easy. We’ve seen this consistently all season but has Coach Carlyle made any adjustments? Nope. In Randy Carlyle’s world he has a winning plan. When the team doesn’t win it’s because the players failed to execute.

So change the players we will and no doubt the list of guys who find success elsewhere is about to grow.

Speaking of trades, how about Francois Beauchemin for Joffrey Lupul and Jake Gardiner? Lupul is the guy who wouldn’t succeed as a LW according to Coach Carlyle. Gardiner, oh yeah that kid was plus-2 and led all Leafs in TOI with 25:15. And you don’t think Bob Murray is capable of anything?

I fear it’s going to get worse before it gets worse. Yup, you read that right.

  1. czhokej says:

    We have a duo of problematic people running this team. Their erratic and foolish decisions proved it in the past and they continue ruining this team, its spirit and identity.
    The only system Carlyle was capable to establish was his chip and chase, with physicality, cycling and long outlet passes.
    I did not know that Murray traded Chelios and Roenick. Now add others to his list of accomplishments: Pronger, Bryzgalov (for nothing), Lupul, and many others.

    It’s time to write to Mr. Samueli.

  2. bbdux93 says:

    In 2007 we saw signs that read “I Believe”, because our team was winning. If those signs were seen now the belief would be as soon as our opponent gets a lead we will loose.

    I can’t imagine any good business man – even one with a “hands off style” – allowing this to continue…

    I don’t know the Penguins record during the year that they replaced the coach who started the year with Danny Bylsma – but they were doing poorly and everyone remembers the results. Maybe someone should remind Mr. S.

    • BackCheck says:

      Hey bb, by his own admission in an interview published last season by the OCR, Henry Samueli does his work, “quietly behind the scenes.” I don’t accept Henry Samueli is as “hands off” as we are encouraged to believe. I suspect that there are decisions reserved to the organization regarding core players and key staff.
      Specifically, I sense that if Bob Murray was going to take an adverse action against Randy Carlyle or trade Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Bobby Ryan, Teemu Selanne, Cam Fowler or Jonas Hiller that he would have to go upstairs.
      Most CEO’s have to get the approval of the Board of Directors regarding the disposition of certain assets.

  3. zseller says:

    Changing the coach is not going to produce a cup this season.
    The players have quit and that is something that speaks volumes about who they are.
    Since you can not fire the team, the coach is likely going to face the axe.
    This is not going to cure the problem.
    By trading a core player such as Bobby Ryan you are not going to come out ahead on the deal, so I am praying that Murray does not do something so stupid.
    At this point I think that the GM should go to Koivu, Selanne and see if they want to stay as part of this or be granted a reprieve and be traded out of this quagmire.
    I would also take a long hard look at trading Getzlaf as he certainly does not appear to have the desire to put forth a full effort for each and every game. You need to try to find equal value on this and possbily trading him for Rick Nash of Columbus makes some sense for both sides. Not sure on the age of Nash but it might be the shake up that will at the least generate some desire for the teams involved to pick up the effort.
    In watching last nights game it was apparent that the dump and chase style that the Ducks employed succesfully in the past will not work with the present group working the way they are as they do not get to the puck first, or even in time to possibly get the puck back. I think this is due in part to lack of necessary speed as well as a definite lack of effort.
    It is so sad to watch this team play without any heart. Dedication is the word used to promote this team and at present it certainly is not what is being shown on the ice.
    Someone needs to have the gonads to step forth on the ice and lead this group. Unfortunatley I do not see that happening anytime soon based on how the last 6 weeks have gone.
    Maybe they need to have the group have a sit down with Scotty N and have him try to instill some of his leadership skills into the group.
    To the management of this team, please do not do anything rash as the track record does not prove itself to be succesful when doing so, please know that there is a legion of fans who are suffering and want desperately for this team to succeed.

    • czhokej says:

      “Z”, I was not implying that the Ducks should play dump-and-chase, and I agree that we have a completely different roster. I was just trying to say that we usually do not have a game plan suitable for a specific opponent.
      In terms of coaching changes, that works more often than not. Average life span of NHL coaches is 2.5 years.
      As somebody else said: ” Changing coaches can be an excellent way for a team to change the tone of their season and get things turned around before disaster strikes.”
      To have said that, I do not believe that Murray would fire his friend.

      • zseller says:

        I think that the only way Carlyle goes is if the team does not win for another 4-5 games in a row, and even then if BC is correct it will be hard to Murray to off RC with a 3 year extension.
        I struggle with RC’s decisions such as putting Matt Belesky on the first line, this guy is so bad that no one in the league would take him when they had the chance and he still gets first line ice time. I see it in the eyes of Getz and Perry that it drives them nuts to have this stiff skating with them.
        It also goes against the grain of RC saying that you have to work through things. If this is how he feels then why the constant shaking of the lines?
        I hope they come together as I turned down tickets to games this week and for next month because I can not stand to watch talent be wasted by lack of effort.
        Bring back Maroon and Holland and dump Maxwell and Hagman, how much worse can it be?

      • BackCheck says:

        Ouch that Beleskey shot hit me right in the Windsor, lol. Of all Carlyle’s go wrongs it’s Beleskey on the first line that stands out for ya zseller? Don’t misunderstand, peoples like and dislikes are always amusing.

        It actually takes on a humor of its own if you compare RC telling Joffrey Lupul that he’ll never make it as a LW in the NHL and RC is still trying to make one out of Matt Beleskey.

        Eisenhower benched Patton. Truman fired MacArthur. Pittsburgh fired Scotty Bowman. Harold Ballard fired Punch Imlach who guided the Leafs to four Stanley Cups in the dual role as GM and Coach. In the grand scheme of things Murray’s reluctance to even re-assign Carlyle seems way out of proportion to what RC has actually accomplished.

  4. silentboba says:

    I thought Teemu’s quote was fairly telling: “The leadership in this room has to do it out there. I hate to say this. They should not be talking anymore. We all know what to do. Just show it there. It’s very simple.”

    Can’t believe he came back for this. He seems to be the only player consistently generating any kind of speed. Watch the ice, there are at least 2-3 players standing or gliding, not moving there legs during most of the game. There’ll be bursts of speed once in a while, but for a team that was touted to be a strong skating team at the beginning of the year, it’s pretty sad.

  5. tearingitup says:

    I also worry about quick and rash decisions. BR seems to not enjoy playing here at this time, and If he gets traded that team will have all his up side. If Getz gets traded, he will do well enough as a second line less stressed out center for that particular team. I respect TS and CP enough and hope they would also consider staying put. Third and fourth line centers are all over the place and this group of bottom six do not have it. This system does not work for less skilled players…be honest……..coaches need to adapt. No matter how much I hate on RC…..who could replace him? Sad sad days

  6. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    Where to begin…Last night was my first game of the season (thanks to Ducks Tickets exchange I got four tickets for $45, sad!)…half/60% of the 13K that attended the game were apparent Leaf fans (Leafs jerseys everywhere). We played like we were at AA Hockey open tryout…You know you are in horrible shape when your Captain is the first off the ice in just about every shift and your coach makes piss poor comments like “I think we just seem to be dead between the ears,” If that is not encouraging words what is, butthead!

    We definitely need a coaching style change…teams have continued to double team Perry and Ryan and allow Getzlaf to skate to Neverland. Our second line is the only line that shows any life and it appears to be wearing thin.

    My recommendations as previously stated are simple: 1) Do not trade anyone (slim Pickens) 2) Relive Getzlaf and allow him to be the supporting player he is meant to be 3) Fire Carlyle as those BS comments speak volumes for the lack of communication and leadership in the locker room 4) Breakup the 1st line and spread the wealth, and 5) Continue to pickup any bargain players that become available.

    Duck fans, this season is lost, all we can accomplish is preparation for next season and restructuring the team and system should be our number one priority. We have a good team and trading anyone away during desperation is not the answer, unless an even trade can be accomplished (highly doubtful).

    Final thought: It is clear that our team is lacking leadership not skill…they don’t want to play nor do they feel it’s necessary to work together as a team.

    • BackCheck says:

      Just a note yougetwhatyouputin. This site is a cuss fee zone because there are kids who follow this blog. I gave you “piss poor” but changed “dumb a$$” to butthead. Dumb arse would have been fine as well. Good post though.

      • yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

        Will do! Sometimes the passion is screaming for a release and that butthead is a real peace of work, LOL!

  7. BackCheck says:

    FYI according to Bob McKenzie our Ducks are on a tight budget. Any trade will be a dollar for dollar deal. ie Shea Weber is signed through this season at $7.5million. It would take Luca Sbisa and one of Bobby Ryan or Ryan Getzlaf to get the money near to right. A straight up deal that is a near buck for buck would be Bobby Ryan for Buffalo’s Tyler Myers. Except this year the Sabres would taking on about $3.8million and they lack the necessary cap space to do that deal.

    • zseller says:

      How does a Nash for Getzlaf trade match up?

      • BackCheck says:

        Hey zseller, will be responding to your post above as well.

        Nash’ contract per CapGeek is a $7.5milion cap hit through 2018. Nash is still owed $54.9million. Getzlaf is signed through 2013 with a cap hit of $5.3million and $11.875million due over the remaining term.

        I love Nash but I want a genuine perennial Norris candidate if we’re trading Getzlaf. Forget Doughty, the operative word here is genuine. It’s a very short list, Weber of course, Tyler Myers or maybe Eric Johnson. If we’re moving Bobby Ryan maybe a lesser light like Ryan Suter or Alexander Edler? Teemu and a pick to Pittsburgh for Brook Orpik or Zbynek Michalek?

  8. zseller says:

    Erik Johnson is not a potential Norris candidate in my mind, saw this kid play when he was at the UofM and thought that he made a major mistake in coming out after only 1 year.
    On his second team now, injured and talk of not being inside the top 6 when he is healthy.
    They say the further you are from the goal line the easier it is to learn the game and make an impact. Maybe he eventually develops but he is getting to the point where he will not ever grasp the NHL game.
    Never a big fan of trading a star as you hardly ever get fair market return and BM has not shown me that he is capable of getting the better end of a deal to date.
    If the Ducks are dead in the water the right thing to do for Teemu is to give him his choice as to what he wants to do. I am thinking that it might have to be to LA or SJ so that he is somewhat close to home.

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