A real bona fide trade rumor

Posted: 12/01/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

And this is the product of my imagination. Our Ducks will very likely make a seemingly minor deal with the Washington Capitals. It usually happens that a new coach brings along a depth player who on paper doesn’t appear to bring much. In the room though he becomes a key guy who explains the method in the madness of any new coach.

Recently Ken Hitchcock reached back to Columbus and the Blues sent highly touted prospect Nikita Niktin for depth D-man Kris Russell. The trade went down because measuring hockey skills the Blues overpaid. In terms of heart though and his experiences with Coach Hitchcok, Russel is invaluable. There are plenty more examples. When Andy Murray went St. Louis the Blues went out picked up Brad Chartrand. There are more of course but those two spring to mind.

Looking at the Caps roster John Erskine is that kind of guy. All heart, knows the new coach. His salary, $1.5 million is about twice the going rate for a depth D-man BUT Wait, there’s more Ducks will probably pick up a draft pick for taking on some salary. Erskine has another at $1.5million which could be worth as much as 2nd round Entry Draft pick. Who goes? My guess is Sheldon Brookbank or a prospect.

  1. czhokej says:

    Off topic: There is another former Duck worth mentioning – Chris Kunitz. His 9 goals and + 3 would put him in the second place in Ducks’ stats. I have to turn my negativism against Bob the GM. In 2009, just 3 moths into his new position, Murray by protecting Carlyle, traded Kunitz for offensive defenseman Ryan Whitney, who did not last with us. Destruction of our mobile 1st line was done.
    My guess is that Kunitz did not agree with RC (as well as many other players in January 2009).

    Just before that Murray said: “Randy’s not going anywhere. If our players are thinking they’re going to use that as an excuse – because you know that’s what happens – well, the heck with that. There are going to be a lot of players out of here before he’s out of here. He’s done a heck of a job . . . he’s not the problem.

  2. bbdux93 says:

    What Murray said then did come true – a lot of players did leave before RC.

    Kunitz was among my favorite players and seeing him go was . . . bad. Maybe worse than that was loosing our checking line.

    My hope going forward – assuming Murray isn’t fired (as he should be for his destruction of the team) is that “Gabby” will have a lot of input on any personnel changes.

  3. czhokej says:

    Scotty Bowman said: Some firings are about GMs saving their own necks. “The managers have access to the owners…, coaches don’t… etc.”

    “Carlyle was a big line matcher. He always had a defensive line. The year they won the Cup (2007), it was Sami Pahlsson, Travis Moen and Robbie Niedermayer. He changed on the fly (to get them out against their opponent’s best forwards) and they played a very disciplined game.”

    I would add: Those three guys were a big part of Carlyle’s success!!!

  4. czhokej says:

    Sorry, I am too active. Here I am again (and again off topic): Jeff Miller (Register columnist) said yesterday: “We’re not saying Carlyle deserved to keep his job, no.”

    A week ago Mr. Miller said this:
    …at this point, the coach isn’t going anywhere. Nor should Randy Carlyle be going anywhere.

    • BackCheck says:

      Told you before cz, the cure for going off topic is accepting the posting privileges that have been offered to you on more than one occasion. All you have to do is say yes. Anybody else want to second this motion?

      Jeff Miller should stick to puff pieces. He could be the Kent French of print media if he plays his cards right. It’s not easy to put a smile on a reader’s or viewer’s face. It’s a real talent. I don’t mean it as a pt down at all. I actually started reading Jeff.

      It’s obvious that Miller’s opinion pieces are merely house organ spin. I’m not convinced he believes his own editorials because frankly it ain’t his. It’s house organ grist. Honestly, I don’t know why media and the other blogs aren’t getting the story I get. Fact is, and has been well chronicled here; under Carlyle some players felt they were walking on eggshells because management would question them about things reported in the media. That’s right. What we fans might think is just a cliche or toss off remark could land a guy in the GM’s office or get him traded outright. Jeez, it’s a hockey team, not the freakin’ White House fer cryin’ out loud. End of rant.

  5. bbdux93 says:

    I read carefully everything that cz writes. If he decides to post an article I’m sure he’ll have an audience of more than one.

    The article that J. Miller wrote about the players getting what they wanted absoutley had to have come from Murray. Murray – most likely – was told no more public rants about the players and he’s using Miller as his “mouth piece”. In the article the anger (from Murray) about the coaching change was not well disguised. More reason to dislike the guy and his methods.

  6. czhokej says:

    Thank you bb and bc, I think we understand each other. What is interesting that we are not youngsters anymore (even though my first thought was, when I met you on the blog, that both of you were quite young – because of your zeal for the game.

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