PostGame PostUp: Flyers 4 Ducks 3 (OT)

Posted: 12/02/2011 by bc in Uncategorized

First off, I’m old school. For Referee Brian Pochmara to give Ryan Getzlaf a double minor in over time doesn’t even rise to the level of bush league. You  might even let a guy get away with murder before assessing a double minor in that situation. Andy why did Getz deserve a double minor? Because he cussed at Pochmara after getting called for tripping. The league just has to review this one. If the NHL is going to encourage this by not severely discouraging it, it…well…the NHL just isn’t professional grade.

One of the truly great things about hockey that isn’t as true of the other major sports is traditionally our officials have let the players determine the outcomes of games. That tradition is now challenged by punks like Pochmara. I don’t care if a guy says bad things about a Ref’s Mom, no ref should ever inject himself into the outcome of a game. That is the line Pochmara crossed tonight. He could have given Getzlaf a misconduct which wouldn’t have left our Ducks a man short for four minutes.

Now does Getzlaf need to put on his long pants, suck it up and STFU? You bet he does. This still doesn’t excuse the Pochmark, I mean Pochmara.

If the NHL fails to review and severely sanction Pochmark it is opening itself up to a level of corruption that would make a banker blush.Now did our Ducks deserve to lose the point? You bet they did. Teemu Selanne said it best and I paraphrase:

We worked hard but sometimes that isn’t enough. We have to work hard and smart.

Again Teemu is flat-out spot on. After taking a 3-0 lead our Ducks ran into penalty trouble. The guys gave up 9 PP’s including two 5 on 3’s and two 4 on 3’s.  Give the Flyers, Danny Briere particularly credit. Heck give ’em Oscars, Tonys, Junos and whatever else the world’s most self-serving industry has to offer. The Flyers did sell a couple of those 9 calls. they played a smart hockey game.

Meanwhile our Ducks skated through high sticks, hooks, interference and elbows with nary a whimper or a whine. As usually happens in a hockey game, unless the initial infraction is blatant the referees usually miss the call. What they do see is retaliation. And that’s what they call.

Killing nine penalties not only wore down our Ducks. during a 40:44 minute period between the 19:57 mark of the first period and the end of OT our Ducks took seven minor penalties against only two calls against the Flyers. as a result of all the PK’s our Ducks were unable to mount much of a counter attack. The guys were on their heels most of the night. We didn’t any opportunity to mount a sustained attack and draw some penalties.

Unlike other games though and as Teemu mentioned earlier in the week before the coaching change, our guys didn’t cave in the face adversity. They showed they can beat the Flyers but they couldn’t figure out Pochmara.

Tonight our Ducks earned a point and presented their new coach with his first challenge. How Gabby responds will go a long toward determining his and our Ducks short-term success. The primary issues that led to the penalties were positioning, stick control. The solutions are reading the play correctly and discipline with the stick. Think not? The stats tell the story. Eight of the eleven minors called against our Ducks were penalties involving the stick and one for cussing at the Ref.

Valiantly, our Ducks rallied and swarmed Jonas Hiller after Claude Giroux fired a high hard one to end the game. Hiller deserved the embrace. Despite the four goals, Jonas gave one stellar performance. Our Ducks left the ice tonight frustrated but with their heads up and shoulders back.

My sense is that Gabby can work with what he saw tonight. He said, he was pleasantly surprised at the skill level our Ducks showed him tonight. I like this guy already.

Ducks post game video isn’t posted yet. Check out Curtis Zupke ‘s Just the facts ma’am with video hi-lights here.

  1. czhokej says:

    I agree, several times they called it against the Ducks, and the same infractions by the Flyers (several interferences) went unnoticed. There was so much diving and embellishment from Philadelphia players, it was disgusting. I lost quite a bit of respect for them. They are a good team, but officiating won the game for them. 5 on 5 they scored only once. However I have to admit that some of our fouls were unnecessary and stupid.

    • BackCheck says:

      Specifically cz, Beauchemin’s crosscheck, Koivu’s high sticking and Getzy’s unsportsmanlike were flat out beyond nuts. DSP’s high-sticking was a follow through on a shot. Admnittedly teh latter could go either way. Takeaway the chincy call on Frankie, everything else remaining the same, OT doesn’t happen and our Ducks skate off with a 3-2 regulation time win.

      Those calls were so bad Brian Pachmara should be suspended pending the outcome of an investigation that would include background checks on his known associates and betting on games he officiates. It’s hard to believe those calls were the result of innocent incompetence.

      During Ducks Live, the usually professional Brian Hayward was so incensed that he risked a sanction for directly criticizing an official.

  2. bbdux93 says:

    It was a good start. Under the new coach people displayed more speed and for part of the game, better puck possession. I am hopeful.

    IMO our Ducks have often been penalized for iffy calls – like the 3 mentioned above. Taking the high road Gabby can use this game to give the guys something to focus on that will improve their game. They can’t control bad officiating, they can do a better job of controlling themselves.

  3. czhokej says:

    And I did not like Koivu’s interference call. But energy was there, more excitement, more passion.
    For those high sticking penalties: Flyers’ players were really low, almost on their knees.

    bc, could you explain the rule “…above the height of the opponent’s shoulders” and “…permitted accidental contact on an opponent if the act is committed as a normal windup”.

  4. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    BC well said, great post!…I loved every minute of this game…we worked until the end…passing was better…high tempo was evident…this is what I expect and this is what I pay for…nice job boys…Per the bad calls, the Flyers looked like they were playing soccer with all the theatrics…

    Nice comments from Gabby…well spoken…

    Sundays game will be interesting against the first place Wild.

  5. tearingitup says:

    It is an unhealthy situation for refs to interfere in the outcome of games. Biased officiating has always been the case for the Ducks and in spite of that they won the cup. What happened to the old dive and take a penalty rule? The home team should always get the benefit of the doubt, a double minor should never be given in overtime. Is there an NHL site where fans can complain? the commish needs to be aware of what he is letting happen to this league.

    • BackCheck says:

      Hey tearingitup, totally agree with your sentiment. Gary Bettman is often a guest on the NHL Hour broadcast on XM 204 and on every Thursday at 1:00p.m. Pacific time. The call-in number 877-645-6696 or email at

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