PostGame PostUp: Minnesota 5 Anaheim 3

Posted: 12/05/2011 by bc in Uncategorized
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For the second consecutive game our Ducks came out aggressively, built a lead and watched as it got away from them.  On this night it wouldn’t be the refs who did them in. This was a blow up of their own making.
“We have to play 60 minutes,” Boudreau said. “We played about 12 good minutes in the first period. We stopped playing. The second period we just stood around and watched and felt a little bit sorry for ourselves. It took some soul-searching in between periods here and I thought we played a really solid third period. It was a) too little, too late and b) if you want to be successful in this league, that is how you have to play for 60 minutes.”
Corey Perry and Luca Sbisa echoed their new coach in the ADHN post game interviews.It’s difficult to pinpoint just where our Ducks stopped playing. Maybe it was the fight, but Jacques dropped Staubitz to the ice. Though sometimes losing a fight fires up your teammates more than winning. It isn’t the winning or losing a scuffle so much as it is the willingness. It might have been the series of mistakes,  Ryan’s interference away from the play and Lydman’s high stick that gave the Wild a 5 on 3.  Minnesota closed the sale as Dany Heatly blasted one from the point with just 4 seconds to go in the first.

Somewhere between the fight and the six minute mark of the second the Wild had taken a 24 – 10 lead in shots. Hiller stoned ’em and protected the lead. Then at 8:05 of the second our Ducks caught a break when Clayton Stoner hooked Matt Beleskey. For me this was the moment. This was the time in the game when you have to finish. Incredibly, our Ducks failed to get so much as one shot on goal with the man advantage. It just doesn’t get weaker than that. I don’t even want to hear the, ‘let’s give Minnesota credit’ cliché. When you have the man advantage but can’t get a shot through to the net that is E.D. weak.

In a span of about ten minutes the Wild had scored a late period goal and killed a penalty. Do you think they don’t know this game is theirs for the taking? YOu bet they knew it. Hiller bravely and single handily held them off of another few minutes. You didn’t have to be some oracle of hockey to know it was just a matter of time. Wild broke through for two goals in 32 seconds to take the lead.  Each goal coming off the rush as the energized Wild consistently beat our Ducks to the puck.

Our Ducks, the recipients of certain motivational therapy courtesy of Doc Gabby came out flying in the third. But as Coach Boudreau said, “It was too little, too late.”

In two consecutive games our Ducks find ways to lose games they should have won. While I’ll obviously defend our guys against the lame officiating in the Flyers game, nobody can deny that our guys took 4-5 penalties because they failed to control their sticks. Tonight they, excepting Jonas Hiller, didn’t get sloppy, they just quit.

It’s Coach Boudreau’s call to make but maybe a bag skate is due.

  1. czhokej says:

    It’s very difficult for me to comment on this game. First I have to admit I was too optimistic, and I expected two wins under the new coach. I expected a quick fix of all the Ducks’ problems.
    We played a decent game, with the exception of long minutes during the second period. We could say that the Wild got some lucky bounces, ( and we got one too). We hit two pipes.
    Nevertheless, it looks that the Ducks are labile, emotionally unstable as a team, and they got really nervous under pressure. That pressure was not only the Wild, but also that they wanted to show they can win under the new coach. Some mistakes came from shaky hands. Getzy went to the net during the first, and than he was back in the corner too often. He cannot get into his head, he likes to cycle too much.

  2. bbdux93 says:

    For me excitement got the better of logical thinking. Backcheck’s more conservative view has proven to be right. I am still hopeful that things will improve with our new coach.

    I had to laugh at his description of the conversation between periods two & three as “doing a little soul searching”. My guess is the “soul searching” was laced with some language not allowed here. 🙂

    I also didn’t miss and I’m betting Getz didn’t either, his saying “the top line, if you want to call them that, the Getz line is not performing”. The message seems pretty clear to me – you want to be called the top line, you’ll need to perform like a top line.

  3. czhokej says:

    bb, I have also noticed that comment about our top line. As I said before, these young guys have a lot of money. The question is: did they spend their money the wrong way. Or: what did they do the whole summer.

  4. BackCheck says:

    @czhokej, You sent me scurrying to the dictionary for labile (unstable). Great word. Thanks.
    @bbdux93, I missed that about the Getz line. Thank you for picking it up.

    The following may seem a bit esoteric and I apologize in advance. The dynamic between Coach Boudreau and the Players is very different than that they knew with Randy Carlyle. This team is going to test the new coach. They are going to show him exactly what’s wrong with them and ask him to fix. Against the Flyers,sloppy stick work allowed Philly to take advantage and they did. Against Minnesota we flat out quit, then we got scared and it didn’t matter. We were done like dinner.

    I have no idea what Gabby is going to do today but I know whatever he does is crucial to what happens tomorrow night. I’d bag skate them. It’s something I occasionally criticized RC for not doing. The message is simple. If you don’t give me 60 minutes during the games you’re going to give me 60 minutes at practice. It’s up to you.

    This is a great opportunity for the new Coach to establish what he expects.

  5. yougetoutwhatyouputin says:

    Nothing new…it takes 60 minutes to win a game…when is the last time our Ducks put in 60 minutes of good hockey? It seems to escape me…

    On a positive note: Our Ducks had the first place team in the league with the fewest goals against (next to Boston) on their heels. We just allowed them to get back into the game. Turning point IMO was the Wilds third goal…Hiller needs to stop those shots…momentum killer.

    On coach Gabby: He motivated the troops enough to tie the game. He kept his cool and avoided any personal attacks. He appears to understand (post game interviews) that this is not going to be an easy fix and it will take consistency to win the team over…as in raising a child, LOL! I wonder if he questions Getz leadership ability yet. Koivu is really looking good.

    Overall we look better than we did last week…it can only get better just look up!

  6. czhokej says:

    Yes, good points “you”. Koivu forechecks, backchecks, carries the puck, passes well, works hard. Even Teemu started backchecking and playing more defense.

    We lost two games, but we did not look really bad. I still believe that with similar performances we can win even against the best team. Two men down penalties killed us. Some nervous mistakes cost us, but hockey-wise, we have improved.

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